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    Welcome to the Roman Empire. We are an army formed in 2006 by our creator, Explorer7777. We used to be a superpower, until we fell drastically. The current leaders of this generation of the Romans wish to earn that milestone again, and that's why we need ... YOU.

    Strength and Honour

    - The Roman Emperors

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Welcome to the site of the Official Romans Army, the biggest and nicest Club Penguin community on the internet! We are the largest and strongest army in Club Penguin. If you would like to help us with our quest to protect Club Penguin, please read the instructions below.

Step 1: Answer the question below

Step 2: Join the Chatroom found here

Go to the chat below the form after applying! (If you tell a staff member you joined Romans, you will receive an instant promotion!) 

If chat doesn ‘t work, then type a message in the text box. We will welcome you and tell you more about the army. Make sure you answer by scrolling down.

Step 3: Join in our battles. The times are found on the website


To join the Roman Army

, fill out the Questions below.



Chat Rules

1. No Swearing: No swearing on chat (including private chat), this includes censored swears. Censored swears are up to the mod’s discretion. 
2. No Inappropriate Topics or Doodles: Ranges from anything sexual to drug topics. No Racism, Sexism, or Homophobia. This includes inappropriate doodles.
3. No Spamming: No spamming caps (ex: DASDAFFOIIOEF) or smilies/audies. Flooding will result in insta-ban.
4. No Advertising: No linking to your site, chat, or army. Videos and picture files from places like Photobucket & Youtube are allowed when appropriate.
5. Trade At Your Own Risk. If someone scams, Instant Forever Ban.
6. No Asking/Giving Out Personal Info: Do not request to see pictures, phone numbers, facebook profiles, etc.. of anyone on chat. Giving personal information out on other people without consent will result in a 24 hour ban.
7. No Asking For Promotions: You will not get promotions by asking (both in the army and on chat). Promos are monthly. This rule includes bribing owners.
8. No Starting Fights/Cyber Bullying: Do not say things that you know will cause fights, USE YOUR HEAD. No bullying.



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  1. thanks

  2. thhanks for being nice.

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