The Roman Empire (of Club Penguin)

– History –

The Roman Army was founded in October 2006 by Explorer7777. After declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin, at the time being led by Oagalthorp, he was forced to resign from his leadership due to losing the war. The Roman Army continued to survive as rogue clans, existing primarily on the servers Blizzard, Mammoth, and Tundra. In June of 2007, Djgtjvgyhxgy revived the Roman Army by merging all of the clans into one organized army. The army existed for several years, seeing many peaks, valleys, openings, and closings until Club Penguin shut down in March 2017. A few Club Penguin armies lived on in the Club Penguin Private Server community, and Romans went on to become one of them. The Romans reopened on Club Penguin Rewritten under the supervision of Dj, Twitchy543, and Antonio960, seeing many leaders come and go in its generation. Due to the similar issue with peaks and valleys and the instability of Club Penguin Private Servers, the Roman Army indefinitely shut down in early March 2018. It since has been revived by Dino and Smurf with approval of Twitchy543.

– Government –


The internal hierarchy of the Romans Army of Club Penguin has traditionally followed the internal hierarchy of a real world organization. It has consisted of four of “sections” of ranks:

  • Owner (“Emperor”); equivalent to the president of a company.
  • Co-owner (“Consul”); equivalent to the vice president of a company.
  • Leaders (“Legate”); equivalent to the directors of a company.
    • This section has two ranks below it; a second-in-command (or “Tribune”) and third-in-command (or “Prefect”).
  • Officers (“Centurions”); equivalent to the managers of a company.
    • This section has several lower officer ranks below it.
  • Soldiers (“Legionaries”); equivalent to the employees of a company.
    • This section has several higher soldier ranks above it.


There have been five owners of the Romans Army of Club Penguin, listed below:

  • Explorer7777
  • Djgtjvgyhxgy
  • Antonio960
  • Twitchy543
  • Ray el Rey

Jointly, these owners form the Romans’ panel of guardians, a group which holds complete authority over and ownership of the Romans.

This list was last updated on October 21st, 2020.


There are currently five co-owners of the Romans Army of Club Penguin, listed below:

  • Ulysses Nardo
  • Papa Smurf
  • SavageCobra
  • Dinorewrited
  • Games

This list was last updated on October 21st, 2020.


There are four powers exclusive to owners (and co-owners), listed below:

  1. The power to open (or reopen) the army.
  2. The power to close the army.
  3. The power to install new leaders.
  4. The power to remove any leader from active duty.

Note: This list is not exhaustive of the powers owners possess, nor does it intend to comprise all powers owners possess. Any powers not mentioned here shall be recognized as “implied powers”. The only difference between owners and co-owners is their ability to exercise their powers. Owners may exercise their powers individually; co-owners must exercise their powers unanimously.


There are three ways of opening or closing the Romans Army, listed below:

  1. Owners may open or close the army at any time.
  2. Co-owners and/or former leaders (“Legatus Emeritus”) may petition an owner to open or reopen the army, and may do so after receiving clear consent (see option 1).
  3. Co-owners may do as they wish with the Discord server and title of the army (including opening the army) without the consent of an owner as long as the decision is unanimous.


There are two ways of transferring ownership, listed below:

  1. Owners may transfer active ownership to any other owner at any time.
  2. Owners may choose to induct a new owner into the panel of guardians (this option is extremely rare).


Successor armies, such as the Nova Phoenix Corps, have long been a point of confusion as to “who owns this army”. To that end, I (Ray) am adding this section to clear up any misconceptions.

The Nova Phoenix Corps, its Discord server and the title of the army is the joint property of the panel of guardians of the Romans Army. Owners of the Romans also own the Nova Phoenix Corps and all exercisable powers and authority outlined here also apply to that army.

All future “successor” armies will similarly fall under the jurisdiction of the panel of guardians of the Romans Army if they claim to be a successor to the Romans Army.


In terms of foreign policy, Romans fall into two categories: imperialism and colonialism. An imperialist army is one that expands through an empire. The Roman Army is founded off of the same principles and structure as the real-life Roman Empire. We expand like an empire would. In order to do this, Romans merge smaller armies and therefore attain their territory (and troops). Sometimes, armies do not like to merge directly. Instead, Romans have the option of colonizing. This means that while the army would still exist, it would not act independently; Romans would have “protection” over the army’s government. In order for this to happen, Romans would need to be responsible for the server. Romans would have the ability to trade the server (to themselves) if it needed to be protected at maximum cost. This would, in turn, lead the colonized army closer to merging, that being the ultimate goal.

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