The State of the Roman Empire

The original content of this post was a redirect to another army that the Romans Emperor, Ant, became leader of in succession to Romans. His intent was not to associate this army with Romans but to simply inform everyone where he had gone off to. For indirect associative reasons, though, the content of this post has been removed and is being replaced with an important message regarding the future of the Club Penguin Romans.


Hello. My name is Twitchy.

Also known as Serpent, Kunzzz… the list goes on. Some of you may know me, others of you may not know me. Regardless of my position in your life, I was one of the few “Titans” in the Romans. I, alongside Dj and Kevin, currently maintain all authority in the Romans Army along with being the sole people capable of verifying any authenticity in the lineage Romans past, present, and potential future generations of the army. Unlike Dj and Kevin, I have not served of any significant monarchical position in the army aside from Titan, which acted as a main adviser (or “guardian” to those whom are familiar with the term). However seeing as I’m the only one who seems to actively care about this army as it currently stands while I write this, it looks like you’re going to need to speak with me regarding any plans about what becomes of the Romans of any such thing interests you.

In the late fall/early winter of my time in Club Penguin armies, I decided that I wanted to recreate an army. I, having been good friends with Dj, decided that I’d go with Romans under the presumption that he would grand me approval to “recreate” the army. With the assistance of Kevin (owning the chat and website), Jay (bought the domain), and DrMatt (bought the CSS), I had a booming startup for a new army going. 

There was something I lacked, however.

I wanted to lead Romans alone. I was selfish and I didn’t see the point in cooperation. Nobody wanted to join Romans. Nobody wanted to be an owner in the army. So I lost interest.

Then Antonio960 came along. I—being the dashing judge of character that I am—appointed him as the Emperor of Romans and acted as the supervisor of Romans. While leading the Rebel Penguin Federation at the time, I still maintained a significant amount of power in the Romans; I told Ant what he should and shouldn’t do. A couple examples that come to mind are:

  • Ant wanted multiple leaders in the Romans. I was against this idea, I believed that Ant should lead alone. He did end up appointing multiple leaders and acted as the main leader of Romans. When he later disappeared, the army fell drastically in size.
  • Ant wanted Romans to be yellow. I wanted black and red. Dj agreed with me so I won that.
    • Don’t any of you even think of changing this implementation if you want to consider running this army. If you want a yellow army, go lead or make a yellow army. Romans is black and red.

With that being said, I would like to run things differently for the future of Romans. Instead of acting as someone who suppresses the leader, I will simply act as a figure to ensure that corruption and chaos do not ensue. The leader will be in charge of everything regarding internal and foreign affairs. I will partake in nothing unless I am requested or required.