– Uniform I – 


2006 – 2007

This is the first documented Romans uniform. It is not known who created this uniform, as it first appeared during the second clan era.

  • Head: Roman Helmet
  • Face: Any
  • Neck: Red Cape
  • Body: Black Hoodie
  • Hands: Hockey Stick
  • Feet: Black Sneakers
  • Color: Black


– Uniform II – 


2007 – 2012

This uniform was created by Djgtjvgyhxgy in late 2007. Prior to this uniform, the Romans used a uniform more similar to the one below. However, after The World Alliance merged into Romans, the army began using a uniform more similar to this one.

  • Head: Roman Helmet
  • Face: Any
  • Neck: Red Backpack
  • Body: Black Letterman Jacket
  • Hands: Black Electric Guitar
  • Feet: Hiking Boots
  • Color: Black



– Uniform III –


2012 – 2018

When the Roman Helmet disappeared from Club Penguin, Djgtjvgyhxgy declared Executive Order #66 in the Roman Army, which stated that Romans are not to return unless the Roman Helmet does. Years later, Dj nullified his own executive order and recreated the Romans. This was the uniform that was used.

  • Head: Miners Helmet
  • Face: Any
  • Neck: Supply Bag
  • Body: Red Football Jersey
  • Hands: Black Electric Guitar
  • Feet: Hiking Boots
  • Color: Black


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