Raising Elmikey- A Look Into An Example of Mentorship in CP Armies

Greetings, Romans! I believe this post is worth the read, as it is very inspirational.

Club Penguin Armies United

I first met Elmikey days after being recruited into the RPF by Commando717 to re-build the army. When I was first met Elmikey I had come across someone who had more radical views on armies than I did and this was something I had never before experienced. Elmikey was a unique child and he was far more ruthless than anyone I had ever encountered. He had a desire to change armies to the old ways of 2007. He was intelligent he knew the things he did and said were highly controversial and this aided his campaign because it gave him more attention and followers. What he did was another version of what I had done earlier in my career to gain attention. I never believed in Elmikey’s methodologies for bringing RPF back to prominence I believed it had to be done the way everyone had already proved worked which at…

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