Autumn is Springtime for Pax Romana!

Welcome to an awesome yellow force, fellow! You have stepped foot in one of the greatest armies ever known to have walked the face of the Club Penguin Isles… we are proud to announce that, starting very soon, the great Roman march, initiated long ago by a wise pioneer named Explorer7777, is resuming forward at full throttle. The Imperial regime will soon make its holler for competitive harmony known throughout the land, and lesser-inspired foes will come to tremble in our proud presence and fear our relentless march once more. Glory to Romanus! Our old legends, from the likes of the cunning Coolster114 to the delightfully-destructive Dj, will, in some far-away distance, smile in glorious ascent once more. We are back. The Expansive March proceeds anew. Pleased to have you in the brotherhood, idealistic counterpart!


We will bring great fruition to those in our league who wisely cooperate with us in our dash upwards, and the top dogs that help us now, in our infancy, we not regret an ounce of it in the perilous months ahead. As for those who seek to stomp over our dream aspirations – Crush All Opponents in Sight!

It’s going to be a good time, no matter how short or long it lasts.

Pushing Onward.