The Roman Empire Will Rise

The Roman Empire will continue to strive under Trader and I. Already we’ve achieved fifth place on CPAC’s top ten, and we won’t stop there. Get ready for a huge ride, Romans.

New Emperor

Hello Romans!

I know Trader said he will be singly handedly leading this generation of Romans, but I couldn’t help but get involved in what will be such an exciting and successful ride for this army. I am your new Emperor, Badboy, and I will make sure this army stays powerful and continues to become more and more powerful as we go on. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you on the battlefield.


Romans Emperor

[AUSIA] March On Flippers

Good day, Romans! Today we had a March on Flippers led by myself, and the Romans advisor, Serpent. We were able to achieve sizes of 22 and average 20 throughout the event. Great job for ausia! Biggest size so far during this generation. 

Keep it up Romans.

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[USA] Training Session

Hey Romans!

Today we logged on Flippers for a short training session. We maxed 13 and averaged 12. Good job!

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[UK] Training Session

Hey Romans!

Today we had a training session in the pool room on Flippers! We maxed 19 and sustained those sizes throughout the event. Great job with tactics and the formation was pretty good. Thanks to everybody who helped out.

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[UK] Training Session On Flippers!

Good afternoon Romans!

Today we logged on for a training session on the server Flippers, our capital. We were able to reach sizes of 15 this event, a little less than our last event. This size wasn’t what we expected, we need to try to get at least 20+ at events. Come on Romans, we can do it.

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[AUSIA] Cleansing Of Flippers [CAPITAL]

Hello Romans,

Today we cleansed our capital, Flippers. We were able to reach sizes of 16 and we were able to hold that size for the fairly short event. This is the first event since our reopening and it was pretty good.

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The Romans Empire Has Reopen

The Romans has reopen under the leadership of


The Romans keep being reopened for a short period of time with little success. I plan to change that. The Romans will be alive as long as I believe they should. A major goal for the army currently is to get 20+ at each event. We are currently not hiring any other leaders into the army. This is a solo project I want to work on.


Romans Leader