All Romans [COMMENT]


Recruiting On Flurry [RESULTS]

Hello Romans,

We had an unscheduled event on Flurry and we did decent. Owners please get more active.

We maxed 10 and average 8!

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War Training Event [RESULTS]

Greetings Romans!

Today, we had a US Training Session on our capital, Flippers. It was a pretty good event, with a max chat size of 25, and a max size of 16 on CP. We’ll have to work on this, and make sure everybody on chat logs on to CP in upcoming events. We’ve started well, and I hope we continue our growth.

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Preparing For Rome 2 [RESULTS]

Hello Romans,

Tonight we have returned from lock down after starting as a S/M Top 3 power to cleanse our former capital, Ice Berg. The server was full so while we cleansed it, we stormed to raid our allies RPF who had the edge in the beginning but it ended with us being the victors.

We maxed 14 and average 12!

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Merry Christmas From The Joker

As much as I hate doing this I have found it in my heart to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from Harley and I. We hope everyone is safe and eats a lot of food. Have fun and be safe. Hahaha

“Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, the bat mobile lost a wheel, and The Joker got away! hahahahaha”

  Harley and Joker Christmas

The Joker

Club Penguin Romans Leader

Merry Christmas (Sheepmas)!

Everyone in the Romans Empire of Club Penguin wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year! Congrats to all our loyal troops!

We Will Prepare Better [ANNOUNCEMENT]

Hello Romans,

Primary goals right now: Reaching first on Google, fixing our GFX/CSS, hiring active staff. All Romans owners/moderators that are patient will be REWARDED as Romans rebuild this week. Owners need to make penguins immediately and store them on our website for recruiting.


Romans Going Back In Style [ANNOUNCEMENT]

Hello Romans,

We, the Romans, will be returning to our old generation uniform (red/black) and we will also remember our gold pride. It is published on our uniform page (thanks Serpent) as a result from a voting of the owners, leaders and veterans. Strength and Honor is back~



Hello Romans,

It was a great battle between 4 armies (Jalapenos, Matricz, Air Force and Floods) and we were the ones who defeated all of them. We finally won this tourney. Congrats Romans, we are one of the top medium army powers! Prizes will be given out soon!

MAX: 15


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The Romans Return to Take Over Once Again

SM Army Press

FLIPPERS, Romans Empire – For the first time in a year we see the return of a prosperous army. The Romans. Today we look into what went wrong in their last generation and how they could and should do in this generation. I’d suggest you read on for more news on this armies’ return.

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