Time zones

Hello Romans,

I’ve been wanting to schedule a first event since yesterday(the day we restarted), but I don’t know you troops and your time zones! It would be very bad if I scheduled an event for my time zone(EST) and have no one show up because you’re all PST, MST, UK, etc. So, to balance out event times, I need to have a count of who is what time zone. If you do not know your time zone, here is a map below.

USA Time Zone Map

Red = Pacific/Penguin Time

Blue = Mountain Time

Green = Central Time

Yellow = Eastern Time

Make sure you know before joining or attending events!


Appeal For Roman Helmet.

Hello Fellow Romans.

As you may know, We are appealing for club penguin’s Disney dictatorship to bring back the Roman Helmet. Only four or five people have emailed CP Support about this appeal. It would be very good if you could also join in this cause.

That’s All For Now.



And we are back.

Kevin Edit: To all you other butthurt Roman leaders that will bitch “Order 66” and some shit, fuck off -.- . Dj is my friend, canceled Romans without me. You will not be recognized if you just be a piss off the rest of this generation. I am also a Romans Legend and 2x leader. I don’t want to here smack. Any questions, Find me at UMA or RPF’s chat!

Good Evening Soldiers,

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