Twitchy Didn’t Create CPAS

Twitchy Edit: lmao

Hello there, I’m Ulysses Nardo. I lead the Romans in the years 2017-2018. It has come to my attention that there is a prevalent myth that Twitchy founded the Club Penguin Army Syndicate (CPAS), an army league that existed in early 2018. This is incorrect. In reality, I created CPAS. Here is a quote from the Club Penguin Army Wiki that explains how this myth got started:

In early 2018, Nardo would create the Club Penguin Army Syndicate while he was leading Romans. He drafted a constitution, set up a discord server, and soon after most of the army community joined the league. After seeing the success of CPAS, Twitchy543 approached Nardo and proposed that CPAS merges into his server for army veterans, called the Army Lounge, which Nardo would accept the offer. After the merge was complete, Nardo would begin making plans to start another news site called Penguin Central. This didn’t happen because in late February Nardo went AWOL. CPAS merging with Army Lounge, in addition to Nardo going AWOL soon after the merge, has created a myth that Twitchy543 founded CPAS, however this is false.


Thank you for reading.

~ Ulysses Nardo ~