Update on Romans Archival Project

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Back in October, I mentioned the start of the Romans archive project. Over the past months I’ve been busy doing very deep research, and in early January I have officially began work. While very far from finished, I am hereby to deliver some sneak peaks.

For the Hall of Fame page, there will be six titles (all named at the recommendation of Twitchy.) Along with those six, there are two other titles. Below is an excerpt from the WIP HoF page of all of the title descriptions.


The highest honor available in the Romans army. It is seen as a super-legend title. These people have gone above and beyond for the Romans army, with very impactful achievements and undying loyalty. They are the most revered people in the Roman army.


The second highest honor in the Roman army These people have changed Romans in a very impactful way and had very good loyalty. While not being the highest honor, ‘Gloriossus’ is the our Roman equivalent of ‘Legend’ and thus still holds high value.


While not a super-legend or legend title, these people are some of the most important people in Romans’ history. They have pushed heavily to change Romans and showed strong loyalty. It’s the Roman equivalent of regular second-tier legend, also called ‘Icon’.


These people that bear this title have done a lot for the army. While being on the lower end of things, these Romans have done a lot for the army and pushed it to victories. It is an equivalent of a “Greatest Leader’ honor or third-tier legend.


While being a lower tier, these people are seen as very loyal troops and have proved to be with Romans no matter what. They are the equivalent of ‘Notable Officers’ and a fourth-tier legend.


This title is given to the best of troops for their loyalty. You can definitely one day join these people in this honor category. They are the equivalent of ‘Notable Troops’. All leaders that weren’t interim or banished are automatically inducted.


An title given to official members of our hall-of-shame. They’re banished from rejoining the army (unless revoked) and shamed for entirety.


An official honor given to all recorded 2006-2008 troops, which are listed at the bottom of the page.

Already we finished most of the work for the first 3 titles. Descriptions have been written, along with their names, their “individual titles”, and portraits!

Below is the format we’ll be doing for our hall of fame, so you’ll get an idea.


~ Name ~

== Individual title. ==


Additionally, our history page will be massive. We don’t intend to miss a single piece of Roman history. Obviously, it’ll be very long, in-depth, and mammoth-sized (Mammoths looks good red, Oagal 😳) but since Romans is a mostly forgotten army, we want it to become the opposite and become one of the most detailed ones for army historians. A full, new leader list will released (with their term numbers, term length, and retiring/demotion reason) with loads of forgotten leaders, especially during the 2008-2013 period.

I’ve also gone ahead and re-added some of the old Spi era posts that got deleted when Greeny defaced in November 2014 such as his retirement and our biggest event recorded. I intend to finish that soon and add some old posts from Sarahshuga’s Romans (which is A LOT to say the least.)

Let’s make Romans great again, but not through future plans. Instead, let’s fully document Romans and show the bared greatness. Make sure to join our veteran discord if you haven’t already. Visitors and historians are welcomed.

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「Romans Consul」

P.S. A follow-up post will be made on the 4th of February (the last day of our CSS) on the Roman Army so check that out.

3 Years of CPR Romans ─ Victoria Anniversary




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Igloo Contest + CPRewritten Pin Update

Ave, Romans! As you know I am big into designing igloos, so I recently have gotten an idea. Why not hold an igloo contest?igloo

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End of Re-construction ─ New Leadership




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As many have noticed, Romans have been quite dead. That is due to a magnitude of reasons: Retirements, school, internal drama, and leaking. The Senate has been considering a few options for the past few weeks. However, we have decided that Romans will not be closing. Instead, we’ll be introducing some new acts.

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[US] Sled Racing Tournament (August 3rd, 2020)

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Ave, Romans!

Yesterday we logged onto Tobggan, Club Penguin Rewritten to hold a fun sled racing. It overall was very fun! Good work! Seize the night!

MAX: 7

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[EU] Tactical Training, CPArmies (July 31st, 2020)

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Ave, Romans!

Today we logged onto Klondike, Club Penguin Armies: The Game to train some tactics. Despite some conflict during the event, we maxed pretty good and used some new (and revived old tactics from the original days) tactics. We also welcomed 2017 EU veteran Littleponx back into the army! Good job Romans. Seize the night!

MAX: 11

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Official Romans Discord

The official headquarters discord server for the Romans can be found below:


All vets, visitors, and people who wish to join can find us here!

[EU] Premier League vs. RPF (4/03/2020)

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Ave, Romans!

Today we logged on Crystal, Club Penguin Rewritten for a tournament battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. Unfortunately, none of our leaders could log on and we lost the battle 3-0. We still put up a decent fight led by Romans’ Tribune Cabin. Thanks to all who attended! Seize the night! 

Max: 3

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A Nova Day

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