[EU] Premier League vs. RPF (4/03/2020)

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Ave, Romans!

Today we logged on Crystal, Club Penguin Rewritten for a tournament battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. Unfortunately, none of our leaders could log on and we lost the battle 3-0. We still put up a decent fight led by Romans’ Tribune Cabin. Thanks to all who attended! Seize the night! 

Max: 3

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Ave, Romans!

It’s been nearly 3 months since I last posted on the Romans site. There was officially no site announcement regarding Romans’ closure, nor any liquidation arrangements. So, I thought I address all of this:


State of the Romans

We already announced the closure a while back on the Discord server, but for the sake of things, the Romans army is formally closed. The Romans Administration has agreed to keep Romans indefinitely dead. It is entirely possible for a Romans’ revival. However, with the state of armies, no Romans helmet, and the lack of any new blood, we won’t be allowing a Club Penguin Romans revival. So please, do note pester us for permission to revive the army. We want the preserve the legacy, not to ruin it more.

That being said, we may consider a Romans remake on other games. However, our long time partners at the Rebel Federation already cover that. We are not saying Romans cannot come back on other games, but we re-direct you to the RF for a multi-gaming experience.


Site Archival

I will be working on archiving most of the Romans site and make a polished, official timeline of the Romans army. This project will take awhile, but I will be having other Roman Administrators assist me with this.

Other things I’ll be archiving is the pages of the site and uploading Romans’ actual final event of this generation.


Nachonnian Vibes

Since Romans has a history of having Nacho-like vibes, we will be posting a shitpost every now and again. We don’t plan on condoning any harassment of any individuals. But, this is armies. Everyone’s pretty much retired. Let’s have some leisure with pleasure.


Roman Reunions

While we don’t plan on reviving the Romans anytime soon, this doesn’t cancel out the possibility of reunion events. These will mainly be every 2 weeks-1 month. Mainly to keep the Romans family in touch with one another.

The Romans’ reunion/veteran discord can be found here. Please note that we don’t want beggers on this discord asking for a revival. Be luckily we’re making this invite public instead of private.


Other Announcements

I will be making sure the Romans site stays preserved and its legacy glorified. To Twitchy; us (me, Cobra, Smurf, Games and Lynx) will do everything in our rights to not make you disappointed. We thank you for giving us the chance to all lead Romans, and we will be giving back by preserving your legacy ─ such as Dj would’ve wanted.

For the final ave,

Romans signature Dino

[US] Invasion of Klondike, CPATG (March 19th, 2020)

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Ave, Romans! Yesterday we logged onto Klondike, Club Penguin Army: The Game for an invasion of the server. While we did have some struggles throughout the event, we were able to effectively capture Klondike. Thanks to all who attended. Seize the Night!

Max: 12+

Average: 9



Roman Legate

My perspective.. [DISSTRACK]

Hey guys, since Romans are shutting down by order of Twitchy543, I have decided to make a small post of my time when I was full-time Roman, or October-December.

A Roman Recruiting event in October when Zeke, Smurf, and I led.



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Roman Revival Event – 2/11/2018

Ave, Romans! It’s certainly been a while. Let’s get right into the good stuff!

Today we had an event commemorating the merge between the Dark Knight Empire and Romans. This merge resulted in the return of some officers, both old and new, and saw the return of our good lad SavageCobra, who now serves Romans as Legate. Welcome back, Cobra, and let’s all welcome our merged friends back into Romans!

Our event on Deep Freeze today maxed 14 and averaged 13, and was a much-needed pick-me-up after a long and tiresome week. With this event, the Romans are officially back in action, and we’re getting ready for what’s right around the corner. Big things are coming, Romans. This is only the beginning!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

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Event Schedule | Updated daily!

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Training Event on Deep Freeze

Times: 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 6:00pm MST, 5:00pm PST, 1:00 AM GMT

CPPS: Club Penguin Rewritten

Server: Deep Freeze

Room: Town






Raid on Ascent – 1/29/2018

On Monday we held our first significant military engagement of this war, having finally formally declared war on the Club Penguin Crew just an hour before. As we had trained ourselves to be ready for anything, we waited to log our troops on no earlier than when the clock hit :00 for the battle to begin… but, when the CPC instead logged on to Sleet, unaware that CPR staff were on at the time, 5-10+ CPC got banned in almost an instant. Shortly, most of the rest of the Crew followed suit. In celebration of our unexpected victory, we continued with the raid as planned, however, we turned the raid into more of a display of our Roman might, if nothing else.

Read more to see pictures of the raid.

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Invasion of Sleet – 1/30/2018

On this day, after the earlier raid-turned-practice battle that we engaged in with our allies, the Elite Guardians of CP, we hosted a massive invasion on the CPC’s capital of Sleet while they were at their lowest point and had no defenses at all. Our numbers peaked at an incredible 19+ and averaged at around 17, and held up through most of the invasion. We performed emoji tactics, word tactics, formation tactics, and more, and in the end were able to secure a Roman victory in this war. Great job, Romans!

Read more to see pictures of the invasion.

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War Training Event – 1/27/2018

Today the Romans logged on to Deep Freeze for a special training event. Since we are at war with the Club Penguin Crew, and following the battle at the Stadium failure, we held our first war training event, in which we practiced battle tactics, formations, and quick response time by switching back and forth between our Discord server and CPR.

We started off at the Snow Forts and shortly moved to the Docks, where we held the rest of the event. We first separated into our two branches: Army and Navy, the former lead by Emperor Twitchy543, the latter lead by Ulysses Nardo and myself (with special guest star, Referee and Consul, Antonio960). We then tested our mettle and fought a hard battle of Red vs Blue. We maxed 14 and averaged 12, a step in the right direction following the Stadium battle failure earlier today. In the end, our Navy was victorious, and both sides gained valuable experience. Let’s keep this up Romans and ready ourselves for the next battle!

Some important lessons taught in this battle include:

  • The ability to quickly respond to an order given on Discord
  • Offensive and defensive battle tactics
  • Being able to quickly switch formation at a moment’s notice

Be sure to apply these to future battles!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

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Battle of Ascent – 1/27/2018

Our war with the Club Penguin Crew has officially begun.

Today, we logged on to Ascent and fought our first battle against the Club Penguin Crew. Unfortunately, due to hasty decisions, among other things, we failed to secure a victory. We were sadly crushed by our enemy today. This post serves to document and inform you all of that and not to upset you, however.

About halfway into their training session, the battle begun when we raided them. However, our strength maxed at about 4 or 5, and only hit 10 when Ulysses Nardo and I logged on. By then, however, the CPC had logged off, claiming victory. Their victory was only further exalted when we weren’t able to defend against the stragglers that stayed behind and continued to attack us. This battle at the Stadium resulted in a major loss for the Romans.

Mistakes are made, Romans, but let us not repeat those mistakes. We may have lost the battle today, but tomorrow, we will win the war! A special training event will be held later tonight as a result of this battle and it’s outcome.

Read more to see pictures of the battle.

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