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    Welcome to the Roman Empire. We are an army formed in 2006 by our creator, Explorer7777. We used to be a superpower, until we fell drastically. The current leaders of this generation of the Romans wish to earn that milestone again, and that's why we need ... YOU.

    Strength and Honour

    - The Roman Emperors

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A Beginners Guide to Romans

Congratulations on becoming a Roman soldier! This guide will tell you all you need about your new career in the army.

The Basics:

Once you’ve enlisted on the Join Page, you’ll be given a rank based on your experience in other armies (if you have any) within about 24 hours. Then head over to Roman chat. This is where you have to be for every event (we’ll talk about those later).

You’ll notice that when you arrive, you won’t see any messages. That’s because you haven’t been made a chat member yet. All you have to do is look at the list of users on the right hand side, and click on someone with a white (moderator) or gold (owner) pawn next to their name. Then click “Private Chat”. This will open a chat with this moderator or owner. Just ask them to be membered and you’ll be a member of chat in no time!

Tip: If you don’t get made a member within about thirty seconds, just private chat a different owner or moderator.

Attending Events:

Now that you’ve gotten a rank and are in chat, you might be wondering when these events are happening, and where. Well, wonder no more! All the information you need is on the Roman Home Page. The times, dates and locations of our battles and training sessions are usually at the top post. It might look confusing at first but it’s simple to understand. Here’s an example:


When: MONDAY, AUGUST 12, 2013

12:00 PM PST, 1:00 PM MST, 2:00 PM CST, 3:00 PM EST, 8:00 


Where: Server is TBA

See all those different times? Wondering which one is yours? It depends on your timezone. Here’s a list of the time zones in an easy-to-understand

If you live in the United Kingdom or Ireland, the “GMT” time zone is yours. If you happen to live in other parts of the world. just ask on chat and somebody will help you find your time zone. When you’re attending an event, come about half an hour before the official start.

Tip: “TBA” stands for “To Be Announced”. This means that the location of the battle or session will be announced on chat just before we log in.

Chat Rules and Safety:

Safety is important to the leaders. Be sure to read the chat rules, located below the chat, and always follow them. Moderators and owners are watching the chat at all times. Never give away personal information such as your real name, phone number and address. It’s OK to say what country you’re from, and if you live in the US it’s up to you whether you want to say what state you’re from.

Tip: If someone private chats you (PC) and asks for you to join another army, report it to an owner immediately!

During Events:

So you’re on chat half an hour before the battle. The leader will tell everyone where to log in e.g “Ice Berg, Town”. There will usually be two or three owners. Once you reach the place, soldiers will be logging in. A line across is usually the first tactic, so join the line and wait for the rest of the army to come online. Once all the soldiers are online, a leader will begin to do tactics.

There are different types of tactics, sometimes involving emoticons (such as E+I or E+P), words (such as spamming ROMANS ROMANS ROMANS ROMANS) and even full sentences (ROMANS WINS PARKA). Also, there are different formations which are shapes the army makes, such as lines, circles and sometimes letters.

Remember, only leaders can give orders (unless it’s a U-lead session – we’ll get to those in a minute) so listen to the people with ORANGE pawns next to their names.

Tip: When a leader asks you to type something in, for example “ROMANS FOREVER”, this means that you type that into your CP chat bar but do NOT press enter until the leader tells you to. That way everyone says it at the same time. And remember, if battling an enemy in the same room, throw snowballs when not doing a tactic.

Types of Events:

Invasion: This is when we enter another army’s server to take it over. It only happens when we are at war with the army we’re taking the server from.

Defense: When an enemy army is invading our server we must respond. Like invasions, it only happens during wartime.

Recruiting Session: When we go on CP to recruit more penguins into the army. Listen to the leaders for things to say to get people to join.

Training Session: This is an event focused on getting our tactics perfect.

U-Lead Session: This is an event to give soldiers a chance to try out leading an  event. Different soldiers are allowed to lead one or two tactics each.

Practice Battle: A battle with an ally (friendly army) that isn’t over any land and just for fun and competition.


Well, that’s just about all you need to know to become a great Roman soldier! Have fun in the army and remember,


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