3 Years of CPR Romans ─ Victoria Anniversary




Ave, Romans!

3 years ago this month, Romans co-founder Djgtjvgyhxgy along with former Emperors Twitchy543 and Antontio960 allowed Smurf, EHRoyals81, Zeke, and Games to revive the legendary army on Club Penguin Rewritten. Previously, Romans never had a strong impact in the midst of the mid-2010s. However, the four UMA leaders wanted to change that and decided Romans will come back and better than any other generation.

Fast forward a few months into the future: Romans, despite maximum sizes in the 10s, became the 2nd-largest power and won multiple crucial wars against different armies (UMA, DKE, CPC, and more). Romans peaked around 21-23 and had multiple excellent leaders.

Despite the crappy maximums and some blunders against EGCP, the CPR generation is generally viewed as the best Romans generation. And that does hold some weight. We have 2 major army leaders from the first CPR generation (Cobra and EHRoyals) along with 4 other Small/Medium legends (Smurf, Ray, Ulysses, and Chelpopkick). The next two CPRewritten generations in 2019 flopped, unfortunately. 2020 was generally seen as a Romans CPPS comeback and a height of 19 or more. Though, due to poor leadership, it failed.

To celebrate 3 years of a CPRewritten (and in general CPPS) Romans, we’ve decided to announce the following:


To celebrate, we’ll be holding re-enactments of both og Romans and CPR Roman famous events. For information on how re-enactment works, check HERE.

Additionally, we will be aiming to hold the BIGGEST Romans event in history. According to CPAC, our highest max was 25 under Spi in 2014. (Though we assume multi-logs were most definitely used.) The second highest overall (and highest in the CPR era) was 24 in 2017 under Smurf. Let’s aim for 50+ then.


For the longest time, Romans’ history and legacy have been scattered all around. However, we’re going to be changing that. In this month, we plan on changing things up:

    • An official hall of fame of 5-6 tiers;
    • A complete history page & former leaders page of OG Romans and CPPS Romans;
    • An saga page with Roman history stories, testimonies, and more in-depth history regarding Explorer, Dj, and early Romans;
    • A hall of shame in the hall of fame page.

For the past months, our senators have been working around the clock to dig out any unearthed Roman history. And, we’ve succeeded in our efforts to piece together a unified Romans history. We’ll be releasing this later in the month.

With all being said and done, I will be returning as Romans leader until October 31st to lead for the anniversary month and guide the new, current leaders.

Dino, Roman Preceptor

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