Igloo Contest + CPRewritten Pin Update

Ave, Romans! As you know I am big into designing igloos, so I recently have gotten an idea. Why not hold an igloo contest?igloo



Ave Romans! We will be holding an igloo contest! This igloo contest will be merely for entertainment, with a prize of being able to add any appropriate emoji to the discord server. You can use any CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server), though we recommend Club Penguin Rewritten for the hell of it.


Absolutely NO cheating (Taking images off of google and submitting them).

You are allowed to take inspiration from igloos online, but be creative and don’t blatantly copy them.

Please have fun, this should be only for entertainment.

To enter, comment down below OR message Games on discord (Zaidimai#7808). The Deadline will be October 9th (Friday), 2020. Please Direct-Message Games on Discord (Zaidimai#7808) your igloo.



Ave once again, Romans! Recently, a new pin has been added to the island of Club Penguin Rewritten. It is the Balloon Bunch Pin. The pin is located in the Forest.



Seize the Night!



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