End of Re-construction ─ New Leadership




Ave, Romans!

As many have noticed, Romans have been quite dead. That is due to a magnitude of reasons: Retirements, school, internal drama, and leaking. The Senate has been considering a few options for the past few weeks. However, we have decided that Romans will not be closing. Instead, we’ll be introducing some new acts.


Unfortunately, I will be retiring from Romans as a Legate and Praetor. Games will also be resigning as Legate due to his temporary leadership expiring. I will be dissolving the previous leadership and forming a new leadership. This new leadership will consist of:

    • Meerrkat – Praetor: Meerrkat was the inspiration of the Romans revival in July. While he only officially joined in mid Augusts, he has played a major role in our event planning, battle leadership, and diplomacy. With the tons of experience under his belt, Meerrkat will become the new main leader of Romans under the Senate’s mandate.
    • Battlefield – Recruitment & Strategries: Battlefield is a former 2nd-in-Command from the Doritos of Club Penguin. He resigned from DCP 3 weeks ago to join Romans. He’s done a good job as Tribune, and with his war smarts, he’ll play a major role with battles and revamping recruitment.
    • AishaJabz – Community Management: Aisha is a former Rebel Penguin Federation General, Dark Bandits 2nd-in-Command, Red Ravagers staff, and currently 2nd-in-Command for the Doritos. She joined Romans one month ago as apart of the Animal Kingdom merger as Prefect. She has done an outstanding job for Romans, and offers a lot to the table. She’ll help manage the community side of the army, along with battles and diplomacy. Note: Aisha will temporarily be promoted to Tribune (2ic) until a Conflict-of-Interest is resolved. If resolved, she’ll formally become leader.
    • Gilgamesh – Brains & Innovator: I’m a nerd myself, but Gilgamesh definitely has the bigger brains in the room. While he may seem quiet, he plays a big role behind the scenes. He’ll be executing our Innovative Events Program (IEP), along with managing the army’s schedule and other things administrative wise. He’ll also make sure Romans stay a serious and professional army.

Additionally, Mic B will be elevated to Tribune (2ic) and Bubbles to Prefect (3ic) along with Daxton (David Byrne) to Tesserarius (Trial Mod).

Me, Smurf, and Games will still be advising and de-facto shadow leading to keep Romans alive until the transition is finished. We have full confidence in the new team.

─ Dino, Ray, Smurf, Games, Ulysses Nardo


After some discussion, we’ve decided that the Romans website will be moving to WordPress.org in the near future. All of the current posts, pages, site layout, etc. will be carried over. The only difference is the ability to install plugins and CSS. As a note, we are NOT abandoning the Digg3 theme. We’ll be approaching Twitchy regarding the site revamp later this week. Once all details can be settled, he’ll address the updates on our site with Ray.


For the longest amount of time, armies have been doing the same thing. Log onto Club Penguin, spam shit and throw snowballs, rinse and repeat. As you may have noticed, this is repetitive and gets old quickly. This ends now. One of our Consuls, Ulysses Nardo, is known for his innovational work in his army, the Onlooking Snow Ninjas. On his advice, the Club Penguin Romans will be rolling out its very own Innovative Events Program. This program will be dedicated to finding ways to keep events fresh and exciting. We want to go above and beyond the traditional way of hosting events. The army community has so much untapped potential and we believe armies could be doing much more than we are doing now. That’s what this new program will be exploring. What is the limit to the types of events we could be hosting on Club Penguin? How creative can we get with this? Look forward to mini-game competitions, igloo contests, and much more. We hope you join Romans on this new adventure.


Ray el Rey, also known as Ray Hokage, or simply Ray, has returned as Romans’ owner and Emperor after a one-year hiatus. Ray will be occasionally assisting in training the new leaders and and in handling administrative matters.

SavageCobra and I will be going on a leave-of-absence for a while to focus on real-life. Those who have our contacts can reach out to us if necessary.

Dino, Romans Legate

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