Promotions (August 6th)

Thanks to everyone who attended our pizza apron event today!


As we promised, everyone who attended will be promoted on the discord and rank page.


Comment/reply below with the form filled out!

  1. What is your Club Penguin Rewritten username?
  2. What is your discord username (i.e. Dino#1519)?
  3. Did you attend the event and take part in it?
  4. What is your current rank (check your discord role)?

Note: This auto promotion only accounts for any rank below Imaginifer. If you hold an rank above Imaginifer (or are an imaginifer), comment below anyways to be considered later down the week for a promotion.


Romans signature Dino


3 Responses

  1. Jacob1235

  2. Penguinxd227
    Yes, I did

  3. SlickMic
    Yes I did, I even ran part of it
    Senior Centurion

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