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[Note: This post does not reflect the views of the CP Romans (well it kinda does ). You’ve been warned]


Ave, Romans!

You know something that interests me quite a lot? Army politics. Something that is almost always discussed in modern army politics is the legacy of the Recon Federation. That’s right, the RFCP to this day still has relevance (I truly don’t know why but you go champ)!

However, this time around, Papa Prior isn’t the one behind the site post. Which frankly makes me sigh. Somehow, someone even more irrelevant has gain site power. And this person is a literal Corporal in the RFCP. Not even an officer or higher command. A corporal. I present to you…

I’ll admit, it’s certain shows that they are capable of making good signatures without the help of Mr. Eric Koloway (luv you). The font, however, hurts my eyes to the maximum. When even not distorted, the font is inferior to fonts such as Grobold and Avengers.

But anyways, enough rambling. Let’s actually get into this post.

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Brand new RFCP Reporter, and ex-CPAM Reporter, SupremeP0wer, editorializes the first battle of the RFCP Civil War, which turned into RFCP vs. CPAM, as usual.

I was immediately turned off by the first sentence. There’s probably good reason why you are an ex-CPAM Reporter and why you can only make your editorials on RFCP’s blog than using the YouWrite column of CPAM. As a former CPAM Vice President, I can definitely say you probably had some bias which caused your post quality to be mediocre and choose to leave CPAM because “muh RFCP blind patriotism”. Even CPMaster writes better than you.

I will review the battle, determine the winner by means of logic[…]

Honestly, an independent and unbiased source (such as your favorite, DMT) should be the battle arbitrator. Not you. You clearly don’t understand what impartiality is. Again, “muh RFCP blind patriotism”. There’s a reason why I sat on CPAM’s judges pool and not you.

[…]and then announce RFCP’s next rebellion-quenching move to the public.

Please, tell more. What is their next rebellion-quenching move? Is it that they bring more multilogs or allies? Surely, this can’t be the answer (spoiler alert: it is!).

After a minute or so, their challengers entered the beach, but to Prior Bumble’s surprise, CPAM regulars such as Crazzy, Pookie, Tylund, Cobra, Games, Dino, and others, battled as LFA.

Yeah… Only two of those people are CPAM regulars (i.e. Crazzy and Pookie). I gonna love RFCP is still all caught up in me after all of these months.

If I wasn’t relevant, then why do you have a wet dream for me? What’s ironic is that I am more relevant than pretty much your entire army. The only RFCP member that is still relevant to this day is Prior. RFCP is so closed off from the army community (with their private events, discord, and site posts), it’s frankly impossible for someone to even get their 15 minutes of fame. The truth is that RFCP is a cult, and they are taking a huge advantage over their members.

Solemnly, RFCP remained silent as what turned into an army of CPAM harassers paraded around insulting RFCP leaders and supporters. Even civilian bystanders called out our opponents for their rudeness.

Ah yes, anyone who is against RFCP is a harasser.

Hmm… this reminds me of something.

Anyways, I cannot be bothered to hang onto such a topic. I’d like to discuss a few other points.

  Despite blatant use of allies from almost every army, and those allies violating the DBAD Clause, both which Amelia agreed to, CPAM Judge, Max, “voided” the battle because of the mass shenanigans that lead to RFCP’s silence. Tonight, RFCP declares its victory regardless, and another battle against LFA’s rebellion

Tonight, RFCP declares its victory regardless

Hmm… now where have I seen this before?

The war was concluded on the 27th of July with the ratification of the Treaty of Smog and Citrus. The treaty declared that the winner would be decided by history, though many say the New Viking Alliance won due to inheriting more servers than those on the side of LGA did. War of Smoke and Sour

You know what RFCP should’ve done? They should’ve commissioned an unbiased judge, who isnt affilated with any army or any news organization. Why not DMT? You insist that DMT is this father figure in RFCP.

Oh wait, no! DMT was only made a saint because he favored RFCP this one time. In the past when DMT ruled a tie or LGA victory, RFCP had a different tone:

And you know what fascinates me the most?

  1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Is Prior that honest and humble person he thinks he is? Nah.


Anyways, I’m done ranting. Roman archival work begins tomorrow so stay tuned for developments!

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