A Nova Day

Ave, Romans

Today was a fun today for us all. We all dressed as Nova Phoenix Corps troops in honor of the former army and for April Fools. I suppose it’s still April 1st where most live. But, what I’m about to announce is no joke.


While I only enlisted in Romans in early-January, it wasn’t my first time having an love for Romans. I developed a love for the army back in July 2018 when I was a RPF Colonel. I was deeply fascinated by the real Nova Phoenix Corps, a space/modern themed Romans army. Everything about it I liked: The theme, the ranks, the hierarchy, the empire. All of it.

Unfortunately for 2018 Dino, I never joined NPC and missed out on my only chance at joining them. I was deeply sadden when they closed. So much so that I decided to archive the whole site on the wayback machine before it got deleted. I stayed with RPF until March 2019 when I chose to go inactive due to falling interest in armies and major issues with my computer.

I considered joining Romans when it became a RPF colony back in mid-2019 under Ray but I in the end chose not to. I continued to try and push myself away from Romans despite my heavy interest in them.

Let’s go back to the second-earliest generation under Smurf and Blazes. I was a 3rd-in-Command in an army called the “Lime Green Army” or LGA for short. I became a visitor and supported their efforts at a revival. Unfortunately, Romans’ former parent organization, Byzantium Gaming, became an issue for the old generation. The CP legion (Romans) were being neglected and being seen as the 2nd most important legion.

I helped Smurf a lot with the 2019 generation despite all of the drama around it. He eventually offered me to join Byzantium Gaming as a “Consul”. I accepted the offer and on January 7th, after a long interview and partnership talks, I became consul of BZG.

BZG, however, was already dying when I became consul, and was unable to try and save it. I eventually decided to just shitpost the consulate and senate chats the rest of my career. I was annoyed that Romans weren’t going anywhere.

But then, January 20, things were about to take a turn…


Fast forward to now. We’ve gone through a lot. Two unsuccessful merges, one useless war [the RFCP war wasn’t useless ;)], a coup d’etat, server deface, attempt to go back to multi-gaming, etc. It’s been tough, and I salute you all who stayed with us this whole time. 

As such, I, Dino, commanding Legate and Consul of the CP Romans, hereby submit my resignation. I love you all and I will always be chatting in the Romans server. But, my time has come. Thank you all for the fun time.

One final ave, 

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