“The Day Rome Died” – February 2018 in Retrospect

Ave, Romans!


Today (or yesterday if you’re Asian) is the 2nd year anniversary of the  day the first Roman CPRA generation died. It is definitely a very sad day in our history, and especially is the worst day in our post-CP history. Let’s look back on that day and how we can prevent this from happening again.



For quite some Romans hadn’t been the same. We lost our superpower status in CPRA, our sizes plumbed, and probably worst of all, our partnership with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Romans weren’t hitting high event maximums anymore and Romans mainly was just criticizing Security’s retarded Club Penguin Crew Empire.

To make matters even worse, the Club Penguin Rewritten staff announced that CPR would be shutting down on March 4th, 2018. With our low maximums, departure of Smurf, CPR’s planned closure, and plenty of other issues, Romans decided closed their doors on March 2nd.

Legacy & Prevention

Romans never really had a successful relaunch until now. In mid-2019, Ray and Yuli attempted to bring Romans back as a RPF colony but ultimately flopped due to Ray having to head to college and lack of resources to revive. Plus, tons of veterans weren’t behind a revival, especially a RPF colonial one.

In October 2019, Smurf launched a revival under our failed multi-gaming parent organization, Colosseum Gaming/Byzantine Gaming and we did do well for around two weeks. However, it would soon fall apart as Tribune (2ic) Blazes betrayed us for Templars and a whole controversy involving our high command unfolded. In January 2020, the Consulate of Byzantine Gaming (Dino, Smurf, and Lynx/Nardo) decided to liquidate the organization into Lazio Gaming and the Club Penguin Romans.

While our generation has faced tons of blows to our morale and two failed mergers with the Templars and Team Yellow Army, our maxes have been staying pretty consistent and has been slowly growing.

How can we prevent another tragedy? Never stop seizing the night. We must always keep our hopes up and continue the recruitment. If we let our guard down for one second, we will fall subject to a war that actually will destroy us for good.

But anyways, I’m probably just tired as always and imaging. But, nevertheless, have a great March 2nd. And don’t forever, never stop seizing the night.


Roman Legate

P.S. Happy Birthday Cha ❤️

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