February 2020 Promotions

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February 2020

Curia Julia

Greetings, Romans

This February has been a very crazy month, with two unfortunate wars and an unsuccessful merger with our former ally, Team Yellow Army. But, we’d like to promote the following people for their hard service this month. They are:

Mic B – Promoted to Optio [DOUBLE PROMOTION]

Adam – Promotion to Signifer

Palplatine – Promoted to Tesserarius

Brumple – Promoted to Cornicen [DOUBLE PROMOTION]

Bubbles – Promoted to Cornicen

Bobtron (to Decanus)

Master12 (to Cornicen) [DOUBLE PROMOTION]


Congratulations to all promoted. If you felt you were missed out, DM Dino#1700.



Roman Legate

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