Cult Penguin: Authoritarianism takes root in revival of defunct children’s game

Blue Pool

In a privately run reconstruction of the defunct children’s game Club Penguin, players gathered their penguins in a semi-circle around a “casting couch,” where their leader, 24-year-old Prior Bumble, sat, receiving virtual oral sex from one after another, while prop cameras pointed at the action.

It wasn’t the first time they had acted out this scene.

According to a former member of Prior Bumble’s “army,” the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), one of these casting couch parties ended when, after taking their turn, a player asked Prior if he knew they were 12 years old.

Prior immediately logged off.

After midnight July 19, a female member of RFCP I’ll call Rose asked Prior in a private message who he’d be seeing tonight in the “stuff room,” an area of one member’s in-game igloo devoted to cybersex.

“Guess we’ll see lol,” he said. “Sometimes, I have a feeling you’d…

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