Basic guide to Club Penguin and Romans

Hello Romans! As many of our new troops are coming from non-Club Penguin platforms, many don’t know how to operate the game to it’s fullest extent, so i’ll just make this guide!


Firstly, we will talk about the basics in Club Penguin, and that is getting coins.

The fastest way for those who have no invested a crap ton of time into Cart Surfer is to mine coins in the Cave Mine.


Head to the Mine, and go underground.


Pick up and equip the Mining helmet. Make sure you are wearing no other clothes.


Remember to dig in the large dirt spot.


Now, Club Penguin warfare seems intimidating and confusing, but it really isn’t.

This is a list of tactics used in battle. There is no need to memorize this at all, but it shows that they is a diverse amount of emotes used in battle. The person giving the tactic will usually state it’s key-binds, not usually, always.

Image result for club penguin army tactics

Sometimes, there will be word tactics, where you would type in a word instead of doing one of the average emotes. These are usually used to taunt the enemy.

Bombs are when the army runs around the room doing a tactic, it can be an emote, a default phrase such as a Joke or Hello, and even a word tactic.

Formations are straight forward, the troops will line up in a certain angle. The orders are pretty straight forward, and we don’t expect you to memorize the special formations, how to do those will be stated in the chat.

I will be going more in depth later.

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