Addressing the war With RFCP

Ave Romans,

If you are not aware already, RFCP has declared war upon the Roman Empire. Yet another war, and our first war of this generation. Just to clarrify this post is not attacking ANYONE from RFCP nor is it an open letter like Kailey did (if you didn’t know I ran over her lizard a while back and she ate it). So I’ll just get into it.

The war occurred in a diplomatic talk with Prior and Sha. They claimed that Cabin raided a RFCP event. At first, I did believe it, probably because it was like 2 AM or something like that. But, later Games pointed out that there is a lack of evidence after digging deep. So we retracted our demotion of our Minister of Propaganda. Prior gave us an ultimatum to keep him demoted or war. We, not being pussies, decided to keep him as Prefect. This angered him to declare war. He also did accidently say that Cabin didn’t participate. So we talked over and decided to accept this war. That’s pretty much it. We are simply going to war over some baseless accusations, but this war is going to remain a nice and simple war between two armies. I do wish you luck, RFCP.

To note, as Minister of War, I am formally dropping all non-war related foreign relations with RFCP until the war ends. If you are in Romans and are in RFCP, you are obligated to leave the server. However, I am not going to hunt you down and force you to do that.
Act I – RFCP Removal Act

But we are going to win this war. No matter what. We will not step down, we will win.

Roman Legate & Minister of War

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  1. Will the Romans beat RFCP in this all out brutal war? Find out next time on LIGMA BALL Z!

  2. Seize the night! We will win this war. o/

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