The Resurgence of an Empire, The Restoration of a Legacy

The candle burns anew.

I figured it was about time someone said something.  The last generation of the Romans being introduced to the post shut-down era, under the consent and approval of Twitchy543, Djgtjvgyhxgy, and Antonio960 manifested overwhelming potential.  The army took the community by storm, and Romans even won DSMAN Most Influential Army of 2018, inspiring many others in the small medium army community.  Sadly, that is where we got stuck.

Explorer7777’s Romans back in 2006 inspired Oagalthorp to make the first “army” of Club Penguin.  After Explorer was forced to resign and Romans separated into various clans, Dj came along and reformed them to continue the Roman legacy.  Romans have such a rich and badass history, and with that comes a lot of responsibility reviving it, especially in these conditions.  With that said, now is the best time for Romans to make a return back into the community.  Not only is the Roman helmet is back, but armies are having practice battles weekly, and CPPS moderators have become a lot more relaxed with armies lately…

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