Defending the Romans, a Disdain for Prior, not RFCP.

Ave Romans,
Prior Bumble, the leader and founder of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, modeled after the People’s Republic Army, in which he was the Second-in-Command of in 2008 has made a movement towards the ban of Smurf and the Romans army as a whole. Not only is this childish, from BOTH sides, but it is absolutely unnecessary. I urge the CPA Admins, the Romans, RFCP, and Prior to read this post. Please note, this is not against the RFCP or Prior in anyway. I am taking the good road and criticizing Prior, not going against him personally nor going against or criticizing his army.


Before I defend, we will need some backstory to all of this.

The Backstory

Prior and his newly paired e-Girl have been planning marriage for a while now. Just a couple days ago was the Bachelor’s Party. I was invited to be the stripper, but could not attend. Yesterday, the wedding was officially held between Prior and his wife Eva. Keep in mind this is a CP Wedding, which is very very important. More important than the starving Asians or the kids in the sex slave trade, this is some big deal shit, and basically disrupting a CP Wedding is causing 9/11 all over again. But wait… it happened. On the Romans chat some people who were Romans and non-Romans were talking about a raid. The raid was held by a non-Roman, who’s name will remain secret because I’m not a rat. Keep in mind the Romans army itself did not hold this raid, more on that later. So the raid occurred with some names such as “Nigger Destroyer 3000”, “Kentucky Fat Cunt”, and tons of Ku Klux Klan references, basically me in early 2018. While yes, childish, both sides were childish and sad because one was raiding and one was holding a wedding on Club Penguin. But again, disrupting one is worse than 9/11. Smurf, claimed that he joined this raid from some peer pressure. But in the end he said he had fun, more on this later. So yes, a raid occurred and it was successful at first with some minor disruption and hilarious reactions from RFCP (if I get criticized for saying that there is some issues here). In the end, this was RFCP’s 9/11, or more better to say Priors. Prior told me he is aiming to ban Smurf. I tried my best to defend him, but he wouldn’t budge. More on this in the defense. Here is some parts of the chat we had (note I did edit the grammar and removed minor parts from the log, if you wish for the entire log, just DM me):

Prior Bumble: Smurf was involved, I’m getting him banned. Do you represent Romans.

Cobra: Please do not do that.

Prior Bumble: Too bad.
Cobra: Smurf didn’t mean any actual harm.
Prior Bumble: He should have thought twice, I’m getting everyone banned.
Cobra: It’s a Club Penguin wedding, not 9/11. I heard that [some] Templars were involved, and if I recall correctly they aren’t even in CPA.
Prior Bumble: [Image of Raid] Is this okay to you?
Cobra: I don’t think it’s okay, I never said it was. But I don’t think you should ban Smurf.
Prior Bumble: They will be punished.

Cobra: Let him [and Romans] off the hook.

Prior Bumble: Nope.
Cobra: Prior, I’ve known Smurf for two years, he was not trying to fuck it up in any bad way.
Prior Bumble: Good for you, he did fuck it up and will be banned for it. Stop representing toxic people and armies.

Cobra: I think this is being blown out of margin. I don’t want to disrespect either side [Smurf and RFCP].

Prior Bumble: LOL, you don’t want to disrespect those people, okay.

Cobra: Let me word it better, I don’t want to disrespect Smurf nor RFCP.
Prior Bumble: You’ve disrespected me.
Cobra: If I did disrespect you, I apologize, I’m not intending on it.
Prior Bumble: You succeeded. There is nothing more to say here. I have the proof, I have the screenshots. RIP Romans.
Cobra: I see then, is it alright if you send a representative to speak to Smurf?

Cobra: I urge you to take back your report on Romans and Smurf. At best take it back on the Romans, as the army as a whole was not involved.

Prior Bumble: Hmmm. Nah. They shouldn’t have pretended to be the KKK.
Cobra: Did the Romans as an army do it? No, they didn’t. If the Romans are banned, I will have to challenge that [ruling] with the admins. I will seek a negotiation and agreement.


There is terrible attitude coming for Prior. He is also being stubborn and overly cocky about his ban going through. For a man that is known for his politeness and maturity, he’s acting like a child over this mess. It is deeply concerning for his actions after this event, I get it, it was partially raided. This is Club Penguin, not the Rape of Nanking.

The Defense

Now I am here to do the overall defense of this matter. From what I’ve seen, Romans army is innocent. As a representative of Romans, and one of the three owners, I can confirm that the Romans did not hold this as a particular event. This was by a group of mostly non-Romans and a few Romans with the goal of raiding the wedding. They had a disdain for him, however I don’t have a disdain personally but this is not referring to me. The next part is the innocence of Smurf. Smurf has claimed that he was pressured into doing this, as at first he didn’t want to. However, he was glad he did it because he had fun. You can clearly tell his goal was not to fuck up RFCP or Prior in anyway, just to raid an event. Keep in mind, this is Club Penguin and the internet. While things are not good, and in no way am I using this as an excuse for a defense but this is to be expected. He also claimed he did not do anything racist. He said that he believes the KKK is “retarded” and that he has friends and family of color, and does not condone racism. For my own personal experience, Smurf wouldn’t lie about this, especially to me. I am personally annoyed by the stubbornness and actions of Prior. He didn’t even reach out to Smurf in the first place, knowing he was a Romans leader. I am also mad that I was banned from RFCP over this, something that I had ZERO involvement in. I was banned for absolutely no reason and it was fueled over salt, however I do not care about that. I care about one thing, defending the innocent, the Romans.

The Conclusion

I believe this is blown out of margin, and I’m annoyed by Prior’s actions. I definitely urge people all over the community to read this post, to get some insight over this incident. I urge Prior to read this and same for RFCP. I definitely urge the Romans and the admins to read this. Please, admins, reach out to me and/or Smurf about this. We can work out a deal, because at best I want to keep Romans alive. If Romans is let off the hook, but Smurf is banned, he told me he will be willing to step down. For the Romans, if Smurf steps down, I will find a suitable replacement for leader, as I’ve been speaking to a veteran for a little while now and have told him about Romans. Romans will not go leaderless.
Roman Co-Owner and Overseer.

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