Active Count|11/6/19

Ave Roma,

We have a lot of members in our discord server, but some people just ignore our announcements and overall never participate; because of this, we’re going to have an active count to see who gets to stay.  To keep your rank, you must comment on this post your Discord and CPPS username…  Consistent failure to attend and/or recruit will definitely chip away at your rank…

Seize The Night!

~ Smurf ~

~ Roman Legate ~

6 Responses

  1. Cpps Name: Games
    DIscord Name: Plekšnė#4732

  2. Uni
    UniTheRebel Or Makai9

  3. Poor Richard on CPR and Richard on cpatg
    Poor Richard on discord

  4. Chawwh

  5. Lmfao

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