Why I Joined the Romans

Nardo: You are a retardo, you lose a month with us,the last month! Oof, how could I get mad at you? Thank you for letting me be part of the team.

I remember the day.

Dj approached me, asking about my Army experience. I tell him, and then he offers me a leadership position in Romans. When I asked him why, he said something along the lines of me having a good head on my shoulders and the conviction to get things done. I wonder what would have happened if I had said no. It could’ve went down that path, for just recently I had gotten quite busy and had become inactive in RPF. But I was starting to bounce back, so I decided to give it a shot. Why, you ask? 

When I joined Romans for leader, I was hoping for more beyond simply leading a successful Army. Leading a successful Army was something many had done; it was not unique. But the type of successful Army you lead was unique.

I lead a medium Army back in the day, that at its height maxed 30. It shared a name with another Army, and the confusion caused the other Army to get more news stories, and sometimes our accomplishments were attributed to them. The name they shared was the Snow Ninjas. However, I now refer to my Army as the Onlooking Snow Ninjas to make its name more unique – kudos to BloodPanther for the idea.

Rather than being strictly militaristic and professional, the Onlooking Snow Ninjas was the opposite. This didn’t make it any less of an Army; it still was one, but it was unique and eccentric. We placed a lot of importance on our community. An Army’s community is important; it determines loyalty. Unfortunately, this truth is scarcely recognized in Armies. Instead we must model ourselves more like the actual military. But what meaning can we derive from that?

This is only a game. Taking it too seriously, treating it more like the military, defeats its purpose, for we are not militaries, we are only loosely based off them. We can do what Armies do, but focusing too much on being militaristic, professional, and focusing too much on our rivalries can destroy us. People play games with each other to connect, not to be driven apart. So why do we Armies ignore this principle? Why do we see ourselves as exempt? 

This is what I liked about the Onlooking Snow Ninjas. We had a strong community. We were like a family. We weren’t afraid to be mocked for being ourselves around each other. And our wars were all in good fun. The Armies we fought were not our enemies, they were our opponents. Though we fought, we fought as friends and not enemies. This is what all Armies should be. But we Armies let our anger cloud our judgement and numb our hearts.

I remember when Games was spreading rumors about me being gay. I responded by making an announcement revealing that I was in fact an asexual. For this announcement I was ridiculed, but this is the sort of thing the Onlooking Snow Ninjas wouldn’t have cared about. After all, we weren’t afraid to be ourselves around each other. We were a true family.

When I joined the Romans as leader, I was hoping to reproduce what had been created in the Onlooking Snow Ninjas. To an extent Romans was like this. But it lacked some of the puzzle pieces.

I was among the top ridiculed Romans. Thankfully I never sank to the level of people like Sidika Ghazi uncovering Left’s tracks and Homie Roman asking for the twenty-third time how to buy the Roman Helmet. But nevertheless what I said remains true. My demotion to Tribune was a result of this ridicule, which is why I disliked it. When I was a Legate, I had hope for my vision for Romans, but I didn’t as a Tribune.

I valued the time I spent with you guys. It saddens me that I wasn’t able to spend the last month with you guys. And that I wasn’t even able to return when it got shut down. I remember why it all happened. My parents thought I spent too much time on the computer (in reality they exaggerate it), and announced some trip that would “fill my life with new meaning”. This was a trip to some internet-free, computer-free hippie hotel that specialized in recreation. I got few chances to use mobile hotspot.

I remember getting on the internet when I was traveling and apologizing for my inactivity and telling you guys for the first time that I was traveling. The second time I got online, almost nobody else was online. I was able to talk to Moonlocks, and I told him my situation. He said he agreed with my parents, and was considering taking a long break from Armies because he thought they were too dramatic and stressful. We talked some more, then my parents turned off the mobile hotspot. I only used the hotspot two times after my talk with Moonlocks.

I am sorry that I wasn’t able to be there. And I am sorry for the times I got on people’s nerves when I was there. We had our clashes, and we all made mistakes. It is funny that Sidika Ghazi championed Rene Girard and his theories when I was the one who told her about Girard. And she did not understand Girard, she only used Girard as a tool to get forgiveness. Girard teaches you not to engage in the Cycle of Violence.

And I hope that one day, the Romans can rise again.

~ Ulysses Nardo ~

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  1. You’re a legend Nardo. *salute*

  2. We would rise again,don’t worry about that REVIRDO.You are awesome!

  3. Attended this event, Fight the bad!

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