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Hey guys, since Romans are shutting down by order of Twitchy543, I have decided to make a small post of my time when I was full-time Roman, or October-December.

A Roman Recruiting event in October when Zeke, Smurf, and I led.



 The Idea (Early October)

Sometime in early October, the new catalog came out for October. This was not your average catalog, as it held one of the most holiest items, The Roman Helmet. This sparked an idea, so one day, EHROYALS81 said something like this on UMA chat:

” Henlo we should revive the Romans. “

This sparked controversy in the UMA chat. EHROYALS81 and Zeke wanted to become romans, Games aka me wanted to stay, and Smurf was dead center in the middle.

After the arguing, Smurf sided with EHROYALS and Zeke, and so he made the Roman discord you all chat on today.


 The Plan (October 10th – 21st)

With the support of Twitchy and Dj, the Roman leaders logged on Blizzard and ran around doing whatever an 07 army would do. We found an igloo being advertised by some penguin named “The General”. During this time, Ehroyals and I picked our base, which was the boiler room. After this, we picked up Marquis, who is still a loyal Roman soldier to this day.

The first official Roman event was October 14th, 2017. You can find the event post HERE.

Later into this small time area, the failing United Republic Of Penguins merged into the Roman Empire.

 The Depression (October 21st – Early November)

The new Romans tested the leaders, but who out of the 4 leaders are gonna break first? The answer was EHROYALS, but he broke during the idea, so were not gonna talk about him. The second leader to break was Zeke, who completely left Romans to be with EHROYALS. The third was Smurf, who stepped down to Tribune. By late October, the only legates were Games and Iron. To make matters worse, Games was having time issues and troubles in school, so he was unable to attend, leaving Smurf to lead some events. In early November, Games stepped down to relive the pressure put on him, ending the chaotic era.

New Beginnings (November – December 4th)

As November roolled in, so did recruits, and more motivation and morale for the Roman Army. Games was relived of his pressure, and attended more events as a Centurion, and being the offical Roman CPR Cheats guy. As November continued, many officers joined during this time, and some have even led the army in 2018. (Cough, Yuli and ray).

As November went on, The Romans became more hyped, and were full of morale, but is was the opposite for Games. Games was starting to not enjoy Romans. His visions of the Romans were shattered, as the idea of 07 warfare couldn’t be done. As the month went on, Games became more and more anti-roman, and started giving information to DKE and UMA. When December came, Games had enough, and made the biggest rank ever on DKE High Command Chat. Clemont, who decided to help the Romans, informed Dj of this rant, and Games became banished from the Roman Army.


As I have moved on from Romans, I came back on its last day to make this post, and for the last time..




Some Mentions of fellow Romans from my reign of terror on this army.



Helped me roast some nerds on our first event.



Recruited most of the recruits in Romans, lead when Games couldn’t in the depression.



Taught me history of CPA, and helped me gain the skills to lead.



While he was strict and quick to anger, his teachings helped me become what I am today.



Was a very active soldier in our UK division, but soon as the UK division declined, we lost a very loyal soldier.



While Guta was an asshole to our tuba allies, he was a loyal troop, and always attended events.


Literally the first Roman recruit of this generation.



Another loyal troop to the army, and attended events when needed to.


If I missed you in this list I can care less about your problems




(I said I wasn’t gonna do another one but stfu)











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