My official retirement.

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I joined Club Penguin in 2009. Possibly the peak of when Club Penguin started to gain traction. Many people logged on and off every day. Club Penguin was my life. Until I joined CPA.

In 2012 when I joined Club Penguin Armies, I joined the ACP. I was recruited on Club Penguin. On the server Mammoth. At the town. When I got into the ACP chat room, I was welcomed as one of their own. I was first welcomed by PurpleSlime. Who I believe was the UK leader. Then I met Fluffyboi. One of the best friends I’ve ever met in CPA. Then, I met Keynikki. He was a loyal and cool friend. We shared common interests. After all, it was my first day in CPA. As the days grew longer, I met people along the way. I met SonNav, a guy who was tough with me but friends with me at the same time. He was the leader of the Ice Hounds. An important army that played a huge role in my CP Army career. I soon met people like Andrew24. Who I believe was an Ice Warriors Leader.

I soon left CPA armies for a year, I came back in 2015. Under a new alias, Xing.

I went to report for SMAC and SMAP. I had my army, the Red Cavaliers reach positions like 4th or 5th constantly on the Weekly Top Ten. It was the greatest time of my life. I continued leading the Red Cavaliers. Then, I took another year-long leave.

I came back in 2016, fresh and cool. I soon came back to report at SMAC for a short period of time. During my time in 2016, I was a SWAT Owner, Pretzels 2ic, Ice Hounds 1ic, and an RPF moderator. 2016 was better than 2015 in my opinion. After July 2016, I went on yet another leave. I came back in 2017. In a totally different and more toxic CPA.

In the same year, I heard that CP had shut down. But, the CPA community had still survived on Club Penguin Rewritten. Well, the first army I had joined in the new community was the RPF. Since they were obviously the biggest army at the time. I had reached the rank of 5ic. High mod. I had made friends such as Ben, who was a rank ahead of me at 4ic. Him and I ran YouTube channels. I ran RPF Propaganda. And his channel was simply named,”Ben”. We soon filmed RPF battles and such. Until I found  Zeke, a leader of the UMA. I had created my own army at the time. The Valkyries. I had asked if I could colonize under the UMA. He was okay with it. After that, I soon joined the UMA. Then, I merged the Valkyries into the UMA. Then, after I joined the UMA, I created the Red Comrades. They usually maxed between 5-7 at every event. The leadership consisted of me, Zeke, and another fellow named Fluo. We had dominated many armies. Including one named the Social Justice Army of Club Penguin Rewritten. And even a few times, the Red Comrades reached higher than the UMA on the CPRAC Top Ten.

Then, Zeke was offered 4ic in Redemption Force by Reacon a month later. Zeke had soon became a leader there. Maxing 10+ in RF. I had soon went inactive.

I came back on January 6th,2018. I joined Zeke’s army, the Barbarians. Whom usually maxed around 8 at the time. I joined for a few days. Then it died. Due to internal stuff.

Then, I joined Cobra’s joke army, the National Social Penguin Party(or whatever it was). It was supposed to be Nazi themed. It was a fun time there. Many members. I was his right hand man. After that died. I recreated the Red Comrades. We reached sizes of around 7. Defeating armies here and there. Soon, Zeke, one of the RC leaders, joined the Club Penguin Crew, a major army at the time, as a Leader in Training. The leader there, was Thomas. He lead the CPC to sizes of 20+. I merged the Red Comrades into the CPC. I had gotten 2ic along with Cobra. Then, Security came. He was a good fellow. For a short while(no offense). He helped Thomas with many things. Then, Thomas retired. Security and Arudeandidis took over. They ruled the CPC together. Maxing sizes of 10+. Then, the CPC discord server was deleted. I had soon joined the Romans(I consider them my 2nd home army after ACP). I joined originally as a 4ic. I had risen through the ranks. Then, my friend Cobra, made me join the Dark Knight Empire. DKE played a crucial role in my early CPA career. Cobra soon promoted me to Leader in Training. A few weeks later, he merged the DKE into the Romans. I had gotten Tribune or 2ic. Zeke had soon created SMAN. His own news site. Then, that died. I had created my own news site. DSMAN. A site I created back when I had my second tenure as a reporter in SMAC. This started good at first. Then we ran into some trouble with Security. Then, I retired as the CEO at DSMAN. I gave the site to Sports. A responsible person. We soon went on to complete our first tournament. EGCP won of course. Then, I was accused of corruption. I had to shut DSMAN down. Then, Conor and another few of my friends went on to create CPRAC with Security. I was given VP. I soon asked for reporter. I was given reporter. Then, very soon, Security was couped from CPRAC. Conor was the new CEO along with Sports as the new VP. I still have good relations with him to this day. After that, I had asked Conor,”Why was Security couped?” He said,”Security was more corrupt than when you ran DSMAN”. I had soon started to catch on to the fact that Security was starting to be corrupt. I was shocked in all honesty. And this is where I leave my story off today.

Honorable Mentions

Cobra-Dude, you are a shithead at times but you are still my nugger.

Zeke- Man, you were my bro. Still are. But more tardier.

Sports-Man we had a good one.

Security-Well Sec, good luck with Kings!

SonNav-I know you’re probably not reading this, but you’re a cool dude.

PurpleSlime-When I first came to ACP, you were the first person to welcome me there. You were cool.

Fluffyboi-Man, you made some nice GFX.

Keynikki-Still don’t know whether you’re a boy or girl. Hahaha.

Games-Well dude, we had some good and bad times, but you’ll always be in a good place in my mind.

Ehroyals-Man, I know I said that you looked like Jimmy Neutron, but you’re still cool with me.

Guta-I’ll never sick your toe.

Yuli-You were the most interesting Bi in the world.

Smurf-When I came into Romans, you were the first guy to welcome me there.

Twitch-Well twitch, this is it. The end.

Ray-Man, did you fix that bike yet?

Aru-Well, your career is in the dust. Jk.

Khevra-Man, you shared many interests with me. Like German stuff. And songs, and stuff like that. You’ll always be a brother to me.

Conor-I doxed you one time. Never regretted it. Lol jk. But you’re a cool dude


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  1. “Then, I joined Cobra’s joke army, the National Social Penguin Party(or whatever it was). It was supposed to be Nazi themed. It was a fun time there. Many members. I was his right hand man.” Bs, I was the one he gave fürher to when he left. But anyway, ave Xing. Despite conflict at times, your still my g.

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