The Terminus of a Saga, The Encapsulation of a Legacy

I’ve been watching this candle flicker for far too long.

When I first allowed the regeneration of this army, I was hoping that the flame would burn as bright as Explorer7777’s flame did in 2006, when the army was first made. It pained me to see so many failed generations of this army. It pained me to be searching the history of this army and knowing that generations of this army existed, but being unable to find them, them having been lost in time for one reason or another, their flame never having burned bright enough to even be recognized. 

But this generation was different. This generation’s flame did burn bright—far brighter than I ever expected it to, and my pride in the leaders, the officers, and the army as a whole cannot be understated—but it flickered. And that flickering of the flame is why I am calling this generation of Romans, and the Roman Army as an entirety, to an end.

This generation of Romans was different. The generation began doing just like all other generations of this army have done. The flame would burn at a medium pace; the wax near the center of the candle would begin to melt, but the candle would never reach an ember of great enough magnitude to melt all of the wax nearby. When we look at Explorer’s Romans in 2006, we see just that: Oagalthorp was so impressed with the Romans of Explorer’s generation that he created ACP. We see the same thing today with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Their candle is burning so bright that all the wax is in liquid form, every Club Penguin army in existence looks at them as an example of how an army should function, give or take a few exceptions.

That was what I wanted Romans to be. But that was not what Romans ended up being. To go back to the medium-sized flame, and the wax at the center of the candle being melted, Romans did an excellent job at inspiring the small/medium-sized armies in the community, so much so to the degree that Romans won DSMAN Most Influential Army of 2018. But unfortunately, that’s where they got stuck.

They began to flicker. They’d reach moments where their ember would appear as though it was beginning to diminish, and it would take some blowing on the coals to get their flame back to where it should be. Sometimes, if it was shielded from the wind blowing against it, the ember would rise to great heights. But once the hand protecting it from the wind was removed, it went back to a flicker.

The issue here is that no matter how many times the candle is shielded, eventually the shield will have to be removed, and the flame will then go out on its own. It is better to blow the candle out while the flame burns strong than for the candle to burn out as it flickers.

There were many factors that led to the decision to shut this army down. This army has been alive for a long time, ever since 2006. The problem is that this army is named “Romans”, and is thereby dependent on the existence of the Roman Helmet in the game in order to functionally survive. This item was removed from Club Penguin Rewritten, which had been the primary CPPS by which most armies operated.

Then, this CPPS announced that it would be shutting down. This leaves everyone, including Romans, in havoc. It leaves us all wondering where we have to go, without enough time or information to make the decision. It exhausts the community.

On top of that, the leadership of the army began to destabilize. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was never really as stable as I’d hoped it would be. That’s why when the army was recreated, Dj and I agreed to appoint ourselves as Emperor and Consul, respectively, to prevent the leaders from making any decisions that could have been detrimental to the health of the army without them having the experience to recognize this. But it began to get worse. Since the Dark Knight Empire merged into the Roman Empire, the leadership has been all out of whack. Ulysses Nardo has been nowhere to be found, and due to the lack of meme resource as a result of his disappearance, the army’s economy has begun to crash. Smurf has decided recently to leave the Roman army for an army called the “Kings”, clearly a monarchial ripoff of the imperial nature of the Romans. Ray has decided recently to retire, I’ll refrain from roasting him because he was A1. That leaves Cobra serving as the only leader of the army, and Cobra joined Romans through a merge—he wasn’t even native to the army.

Don’t get me wrong, as I said before, I’m proud of all the leaders and everything they accomplished. The same goes for everyone in the army. I’m not going to throw out and special memories or names, because in reality, all of those were objectively special. Subjectively, those events should remain special to those who hold them in their memory. If anyone found anything truly noteworthy in this army, it shouldn’t be something that they should need to be reminded of. True memories last in the heart, not in the mind.

Darkness really can seem terrifying at times, can’t it? I think one of the major contributing factors behind this fear is that we don’t know what’s in the dark. We are afraid, not of the dark, but of what we do not know. Let me tell you, Romans, that it is not always bad to not know. Not knowing is a part of life, and in order for us to ever enjoy it to its greatest extent, we must learn to find calmness in the unknown. We must learn that it is okay to wander, for as J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, “Not all those who wander are lost”. I know some of you may feel like you don’t know what to do, and some of you may feel panicked that this is the end. Some of you will have no problem moving on from Romans, but for those of you who are encountering the ending of a saga of your life in the terminus of this army: do not panic.

At some points the night feels as though it’s encapsulating us, as though we’re surrounded in darkness. I want to inform all of you, this is not the case. Darkness is not something that we should feel claustrophobic by. Darkness is not our enemy. It may surround us, but is not squeezing us. We are not trapped; do not let darkness claw at you. Let it in. For it is better for the flickering candle to burn out than for the candle to stay lit until there is no more wax for it to burn.

Let the darkness in. Absorb it, the darkness is not your enemy. Find peace in the darkness, beauty in its silence. That is why we rest in the dark.

That is why I ask you, to forever and always…

Seize the night.

– Twitchy543 –

– Roman Emperor –

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  1. It’s been a great ride. Ave

  2. Time to rest Romans, I love you guys. Seize the Night!

    I am native lmao. You meanie. I joined in November 😦 lmao

  3. Well Romans, it was a good one.

  4. whos chopping the onions?? 😭😭😭

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  6. i…i…i don’t want this to end. Seize the night!

  7. Seize the Night

  8. And Twitchy, Smurf, Cobra, Ray, Yuli, Guta, and the rest of the Roman empire, thank you, for all of this. It’s been a pleasure.

  9. See ya all later.

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  11. Time for a revival.

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