Invasion of Nevasca – 2/14/2018

Ave, Romans!

Today we logged on to FreePenguin, invading a UMA-controlled Nevasca. The battle started at the Town, where we made an L formation and fought against the enemy, then quickly moved to the Underground Pool, where we performed 2007-style tactics and yelled ROMANS while sitting on them until they retreated to the Snow Forts. Finally, we transformed into Darth Herberts and pummeled them beneath our boots, driving them off. Good job today, Romans!

In summary, the enemy was unable to match our tactics, could not stack up against our 2007-style tactics, and retreated on numerous occasions. A successful invasion and securing of new Roman territory! Seize the night!



– Ray the Hokage –

Successful Invasion of Snow Avalanche on CPR

Today Romans, we logged onto Snow Avalanche to fight the Underground Mafias Army. Not only we got more max than I expected, but you made me proud. We were victorious by Tactics and Formation. Also confirmed by DSMAN. We have now captured Snow Avalanche! Good work guys. Good work. Max: 14, Average: 13

Miscalculated Invasion of Deep Freeze| 2/12/18

Oi Romans,


Yo, so today we had an invasion where we invaded Deep Freeze from The Underground Mafias Army. The invasion was declared invalid due to shenanigans relating to the 24-hour rule. Regardless whether it was invalid or not, it was a good event so we will post this anyway. We will redo the invasion possibly this week and will claim victory. Overall we maxed 13 and averaged 12. Read on for the following pictures of the event.


Smurf on!

Daddy Smurf



War on UMA

Together we Seize the Night. Together we die. Together we fight. The UMA has been multilogging. Cheating. We don’t want this. Not only did UMA cheat and multilog, but they threatened DK. DK has merged into Romans. That means they threaten us. Today, we maxed 15 in Romans on my event. I was expecting 8-10. This just proves me and all those wrong who doubted. It’s time we Seize the Night. I, Cobra and the Romans, declare war upon the Underground Mafias Army. SEIZE THE NIGHT!

– Cobra

Roman Revival Event – 2/11/2018

Ave, Romans! It’s certainly been a while. Let’s get right into the good stuff!

Today we had an event commemorating the merge between the Dark Knight Empire and Romans. This merge resulted in the return of some officers, both old and new, and saw the return of our good lad SavageCobra, who now serves Romans as Legate. Welcome back, Cobra, and let’s all welcome our merged friends back into Romans!

Our event on Deep Freeze today maxed 14 and averaged 13, and was a much-needed pick-me-up after a long and tiresome week. With this event, the Romans are officially back in action, and we’re getting ready for what’s right around the corner. Big things are coming, Romans. This is only the beginning!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

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February Furniture Catalog hidden items 2018

Hello Romans! Today a new catalog came out for February, so let’s get into it!


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UK Training on Deep Freeze

Today our UK division logged on Deep Freeze for a training event. We maxed 7 and averaged 6 which isn’t too bad. Tactics were okay-ish. Comment if you attended!

sZrGYs_PS96LlaQR24CSPw.pngET.png kn2BQlNnTJ_jW7PYsGJylA.png

Club Penguin Crew EMPIRE (Response Part 3)

Yes as cringey as it gets, Security made the Club Penguin Crew Empire, or Crew Empire, or CPCE. Not only is it f*gg*ty sounding, but its a symbol of Autistic Torture and a disgrace to the Autistic Community. This army makes down-syndrome look good. Anyway, Security after defacing the CPCrew and blackmailing Thomas, he decided to banish all of his Generals, including me. He has got himself into a mess. He formed the CPCEmpire, which is a gay name. It holds some of the most closed-minded and un-knowledged people. Security has gotten the whore named Arur/Aru to side with him and assist him lead. After the Regime was set up, he decided to make an active count… which only got 8 comments. Yes, 8 comments, out of his impressive 70 active troops! So in result of this bs he is gonna do his gay sh!t to try and get his maxing 30 by the next two weeks. Oh brother. Oh f**king brother.

-Tyrant Cobra

Training on Deep Freeze

Today the Romans logged on Deep Freeze for Big Zeke’s welcome back event because he is super lit. Anyways we maxed 15 and averaged 10 which isn’t bad. First we started at the Iceberg and then ended the event off at the town. Tactics were okay. This event was a success. Here are pictures from the training:

Screenshot 2018-02-01 at 7.08.34 PMScreenshot 2018-02-01 at 7.15.58 PM.pngScreenshot 2018-02-01 at 7.06.37 PM.pngScreenshot 2018-02-01 at 7.13.36 PM.pngScreenshot 2018-02-01 at 7.12.03 PM.pngScreenshot 2018-02-01 at 7.05.27 PM.png


Response to Security’s Autism

Not a full in-depth response but it will do for now.

“The Crew was built on pure recruits. Not from a ravaged and slugged Army Community, however from the heavens of Club Penguin Rewritten. The Crew outperforms any army as from its Recruiting expansion it rose heights that were not expected in this era that only saw failure. The Crew is a beacon of hope [ a beacon of hope when u f**ked it], that which has become the pinnacle of how an army should be. [like you know how great armies should be]

The Crew has reformed into the Crew Empire[cringe]. The upcoming days will be a huge Active count that will ensure total obedience and loyalty to the Royal House, the King and the Queen. To the High Command and to their respective barrack members! The Crew has not spoken, but small faces create an ozone layer of lies and trapped is, the truth.

The Crew is not dead. [you must be high]

The Crew of its sheer potential would not be slayed down for all of its resources [so you ban half of the army]. How fortunate we are, an entire army, just begging to supply its resources to the Crew Empire.

The Crew Empire will strengthen its foundations as law and order are returning to former standards[“”]. The Crew is powerful and as a result no enemy can challenge its potential in the upcoming weeks.[boi you maxed f**king 5 on your event]

Small faces.

The tyrant Cobra [oh yes] who was banished from the Crew has spoken. I have not spoken. Now I will speak. His slanderous [LOL] and slag attitude is only, but unbelievably stupid [well i do have down syndrome]. I have taken over the Crew entirely [and I’m the f**king tyrant]. In actual fact I have completely taken over. There is no equal to my position in the Crew. He says I have messed up. However I do not see messing up, I see results [results? f**king results? you were a rejected golds wtf are you talking about “results”]. The Crew Empire is tightly sealed, without any opposition, but over 70 [6 after the ban] active troops, that pledge their loyalty to the Royal House. Next he goes on to claim that I was part of Crew getting banned and kicked. I have no affiliation with whoever Wicked is [sure you may have no affiliation with Wicked, but you talked to Codey. You threatened Thomas into getting yourself the owner because you were gonna get all of cpc banned on cpr, what a fucking excuse. you are complete dog sh!t] , and as a result his boisterous excuse to make a point, without evidence which he cannot provide, he has failed [lol wat]. Secondly, he immediately creates a conjunction from that allegation to the owners failing to lead an event and links them together for an interpretation that it was me behind it all [ well yeah]. Which would lead to the Crew owners getting raged at by me. The events of Crew getting banned and the event the owners led, were on 2 different days [yes after all the times you said “because of me” “my event” THIS one isn’t yours]. He refers to me as the biggest noob in Club Penguin Armies. Repeatedly. However for all I have achieved, you was not there to see it. You were picked up of Club Penguin Rewritten by Flame in October [I joined armies in 2014 and never heard of “Security”]and have no knowledge of the sheer capacity my Empires held in the trilogy [your just a star wars f*gg*t, and plus i am almost positive other people exist. i am able to talk to them. plus i never heard of some security f*gg*t when i was in nachos in 2014]. I was fortunate to be among those who are entitled as Army Legends, an achievement that out of the thousands that came to this community, less than 100 had achieved. You honestly don’t know how to make a point and back it up. Lastly, Arureadindis [xXC*msl*ts45] is now by my side because she trusts my vision [LOL]. Like others. You small faces, losers and failures to provide results [lol. I maxed 12 in Crew, you maxed 5] should know, the Crew is not dead, neither am I defeated and in the next 2 weeks it will blow up in your faces. Oppose me please, you are no threat to me, but a +1 against me. That is how much you provide to your new army and that is how useful you were to me. You will never rise and only the real trust worthy generals stayed by my side. I needed this, so I could focus on a few rather than a herd. Now that herd is poor, hungry and will die out soon. I laughed watching all of this opposition, I then laughed when I removed over 60 people from the Discord [what a d!*k head]. There is no opposition. You have failed. The Crew Empire will rise and take over everything. [yes. of course. can’t wait for you to max 5]

King Security [Aka F*gg*t Security]