Response to UMA’s End

It has come. Something I never thought would happen. The Underground Mafias Army has died. It has merged into SWAT and the Blue Miners Army after it died. This death was more likely because of CPR’s closure that never really happened. Today at around 10:54 PM EST, February 22nd, 2018, Mason Cooper posted a post on UMA’s end. As sad as it was it has a good story around it. It’s time armies die off. We have been here for long enough and the whole community has already fallen. Every army is near death. All news are corrupt. I want to thank Games, Ehroyals, and Mason Cooper for a nice ride at UMA. Although I wasn’t there for too long, being their only active 3ic it was a fun ride. UMA has brought many people a nice childhood and I bet for some now. Even when it was stuck maxing 4 it was the UMA that we all love. Mason Cooper made UMA strong again. And I wanna thank UMA for the fun time and allies. We (Romans) fought the first part of the ONS. Thanks UMA for the fun time. I salute you as you get brought down into the ground in your coffin. Thanks UMA for the great time. salute


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  1. It was a fun ride indeed. I hope for the best for the new BMA and SWAT.

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