Withdrawal from War

The Romans are withdrawing from the war with the EGCP.


Ave Romans,

As of February 14, the Romans have been involved in Operation: Neptune Spear, a mission lead by the UMA in which the Romans, UMA, and CPC form an alliance to go to war with the EGCP. The casus belli for declaring war on the EGCP was that they owned too many servers on the map (they owned 42 at the formation of the alliance). While the Romans had supported the endeavor, we had also begun to observe significant flaws in ONS and its pre-war planning. Today, Feb 19, the Roman leadership had come to the decision to withdraw from the war effort, and from ONS.

More updates soon to come on what’s next for the Romans.


– Ray the Hokage –

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  1. We must take the necessary steps to keep the Romans as our top priority. Thank you leaders, we fully trust you.

  2. How does any of that imply we’re cowards? We just don’t want to waste our time on petty battles on OldCP. We’re a growing army and we want to focus on ourselves, not who owns the map.

  3. Smurf is right. Also, Romans aren’t cowards lol. They are focusing on their objective – growing up. Proud of you, Ramens. (SMURF LET’S HAVE GAY SEX RN)

  4. hah egcp every win!

  5. Funny you guys declare on them to get their empire and days later you surrender bc your allies went bye bye and you’re maxing 6

  6. Did you get the message I sent you via Google Docs, Ray?

  7. Yeah, as did the rest of the officers and the leadership. Things have changed around here since you’ve been gone. When will you be back, Nardo? I miss ya buddy. 😦

  8. I made a post, but it’s pending review. It says everything that I want to say.

  9. I can’t approve any posts since the shutdown on March 2 (I actually can’t see any blog posts whatsoever). Twitchy would have to approve it, and Twitchy’s been away for a minute (he’s still around just more focused on his school life right now). Are you able to come back on Discord?

  10. I should be able to today. And I can show you what I wrote. So Twitchy made you a contributor too? I wonder why, I don’t see much point. I can understand a demotion from Editor, but Author should be fine. Hmmm… 😕

  11. thank the holy grail nardo is coming back to discord

  12. Ironically I was fighting the Holy Grail War and I summoned Caster.

  13. you arent that cool hush

  14. Do you know what the Holy Grail War is?

  15. Well, RIP getting on today. Part of the reason my family vacationed to a place without WiFi (Cliffside Hamlet Resort, a place similar to Mohonk Mountain House) was because they had the impression I got on the computer too often, but they were comparing my computer usage to their computer-free childhood, so it wasn’t exactly fair.

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