Miscalculated Invasion of Deep Freeze| 2/12/18

Oi Romans,


Yo, so today we had an invasion where we invaded Deep Freeze from The Underground Mafias Army. The invasion was declared invalid due to shenanigans relating to the 24-hour rule. Regardless whether it was invalid or not, it was a good event so we will post this anyway. We will redo the invasion possibly this week and will claim victory. Overall we maxed 13 and averaged 12. Read on for the following pictures of the event.


Smurf on!

Daddy Smurf



5 Responses

  1. Still small,just like I thought. 😥

  2. its not small. lmao. you high?

  3. Compared to the RPF,its nothing.

  4. You don’t say, that’s RPF, the only army that didn’t have to resurrect itself from the dead after CP died

  5. Yeah Panther, I already know.

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