Club Penguin Crew EMPIRE (Response Part 3)

Yes as cringey as it gets, Security made the Club Penguin Crew Empire, or Crew Empire, or CPCE. Not only is it f*gg*ty sounding, but its a symbol of Autistic Torture and a disgrace to the Autistic Community. This army makes down-syndrome look good. Anyway, Security after defacing the CPCrew and blackmailing Thomas, he decided to banish all of his Generals, including me. He has got himself into a mess. He formed the CPCEmpire, which is a gay name. It holds some of the most closed-minded and un-knowledged people. Security has gotten the whore named Arur/Aru to side with him and assist him lead. After the Regime was set up, he decided to make an active count… which only got 8 comments. Yes, 8 comments, out of his impressive 70 active troops! So in result of this bs he is gonna do his gay sh!t to try and get his maxing 30 by the next two weeks. Oh brother. Oh f**king brother.

-Tyrant Cobra

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