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Hello fellow romans! recently a new update came to Club Penguin Rewritten, and the New Update is… (Click “Read More” To find out).


^^ There’s your hint By the way. ^^

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Multipurpose and Casa Feista Concert Event-1/18/18

Hello Romans! Yuli here with another post for today’s Casa Fiesta Concert event, keep on reading for some information on Thursdays event (づ。◕‿‿◕。)

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Uganda Knuckles/Da Wae themed Event-1/17/18

Seize the night, Romans- Sorry for the halt of posts Romans but here is another (late) post for you today. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Wednesday’s event was, obviously shown in the title, a Uganda Knuckles, aka Da Wae themed. A couple changes were made after the EU event, however.

EU Event: Finding Da Wae to England (title credit to Ulysses for that lol). This event had been hosted on Club Penguin Rewritten on Deep Freeze, Town. We maxed three and then to four Romans, wearing what we had originally planned to wear, Roman helmet, red skin, and red pajamas. However, we were not gaining as many people as we thought we would with themed events. The uniform was then transitioned to ocean blue skin and the free maracas (found in the nightclub). This change had attracted more rouges like we expected it to do. This event was led by Ulysses, Me, and a few by Ray.

US Event: Finding Da Wae to Plymouth (also credited to Ulysses for the title). This event maxed 15! Well done everyone. However, not all who attended were Romans, as we call them ”rouges”. It was very successful and a fantastic event. We began at Deep Freeze town and then eventually went to the coffee shop. The uniform for the US did not have the Roman helmet, making it accessible for rouges to join in on the fun. This was also led by Ray, Ulysses, and me. Read more down below for event pictures.  Continue reading

Rule the Rink Event – 1/9/2018

Blue Romans wave a white flag of surrender to the Red Romans, colorized.

Ave, Romans! Welcome back to the show. It’s your host, Ray.

Today we had an event at Ascent on CP Rewritten. We started off at the Iceberg, and did some tactics and an “arrow” formation. We maxed 7 while there, and averaged 6 when we moved to the Snow Forts for a Red vs. Blue snowball fight. Both sides fought hard, and after heavy fire and bombing from both sides, the Blues retreated to the Ice Rink. After a short-lived engagement, the Blues, lead by Ray, surrendered to the Reds, lead by Elmer. After that, we tooted and shouted that the “Romans rule the Rink!”, signifying the end of the snowball fight and the event. Today’s event was pretty fun, Romans, so let’s keep on striving for greatness!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

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Yuli’s Training Event – 1/8/2018

Ave, Romans! Ray here, sorry for the delayed post!

On Monday, we had an event at Ascent on CP Rewritten. It was a very short-lived one, since many officers were unable to attend – I myself included. However, it still maxed 5 under Yuli’s command, which was good to see, especially since it was her first time leading all by herself. Well done, Yuli, for leading this event. The event could have gone better though, so let’s keep striving to better ourselves every event, Romans!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

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U-lead 2 Event – 1/7/2018

Marquis, a Spartan, does a nude protest in favor of his freedom (colorized).

Ave Romans! Ray here, sorry for the delayed post!

On Sunday, we had a U-lead event at Ascent on CP Rewritten, our second U-lead event so far. This event saw the brief return of our beloved Legate, Ulysses. He’s sadly been away recently, but he managed to come back for a short while to help out. Throughout the event, tactics were mostly done by fellow troops, like Ragnar and Juancho. We kept things nice and cool in the beginning at the Iceberg, and did some emoji and word tactics, and then word tactics coupled with formations, such as yelling “We will conquer!” Then, we went to the Town, and did a “4chan raid”-type formation. We maxed 7 and averaged 6 at this event. Let’s keep it up Romans, and keep getting better!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

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Band Practice Event – 1/6/2018

The Band:

The Fans:

A funny joke by Juancho (Bautidallor), colorized.

Ave, Romans! Back at it again with another event post. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

On Saturday we had an event at Abominable on CP Rewritten. We maxed 9 and averaged 8 while in the Town, performing tactics and formations. From there, we moved to the Lighthouse, having a small band practice. We then charged to the top to the tune of a glory song, played on the trumpet by SavageCobra. At the rooftop, we ended off the event by shouting to the heavens, “Romans will soar to new heights”, a foreshadowing of the greater successes that await us in the near future. All in all, good event, Romans!

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Eels and Escalators Event – 1/5/2018

Ave, Romans! Ray here, you know the drill. Let’s get right into it!

Today we had an event at Abominable on CP Rewritten. We started off at the Ski Village with a bit of a rocky footing, but we quickly found a foothold when we maxed 10 and performed good tactics and exciting formations! Then, we moved to the Iceberg, and we averaged 9, keeping the tactics flowing and formations going. Today’s event wasn’t half bad, so good job Romans!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

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Emperor’s Event – 1/4/2018

Ave, Romans! Ray here, again, with another exciting post!

Today we had a training event at Zipline on CP Rewritten. This was no ordinary event, though. Featuring our beloved Emperor Twitchy543 and our esteemed Consul Antonio960, both of which had helped to lead this event to greatness, this event maxed a whopping 19 – the largest we’ve seen in a while. Things kicked off at the Iceberg, and peaked at the Snow Forts, while we formed incredible formations and launched epic snowball battles! This was an excellent event, Romans. Let’s keep it up!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

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Hi, welcome to CP cheats, Romans.


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