Battle of Ascent – 1/27/2018

Our war with the Club Penguin Crew has officially begun.

Today, we logged on to Ascent and fought our first battle against the Club Penguin Crew. Unfortunately, due to hasty decisions, among other things, we failed to secure a victory. We were sadly crushed by our enemy today. This post serves to document and inform you all of that and not to upset you, however.

About halfway into their training session, the battle begun when we raided them. However, our strength maxed at about 4 or 5, and only hit 10 when Ulysses Nardo and I logged on. By then, however, the CPC had logged off, claiming victory. Their victory was only further exalted when we weren’t able to defend against the stragglers that stayed behind and continued to attack us. This battle at the Stadium resulted in a major loss for the Romans.

Mistakes are made, Romans, but let us not repeat those mistakes. We may have lost the battle today, but tomorrow, we will win the war! A special training event will be held later tonight as a result of this battle and it’s outcome.

Read more to see pictures of the battle.


MAKE SURE TO ATTEND TONIGHT’S MANDATORY WAR TRAINING EVENT TONIGHT! (You can view today’s second post, War Training Event, here)

– Ray the Hokage –

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