Battle of the Igloo Reenactment Results 12/17/2017

Hello Romans! On the 17th, we reenacted the very first organized battle in Army history: the Battle of the Igloo. The details on how we did it can be found by clicking here. However, today I am going to tell you about the reenactment. Continue reading for more information and pictures.

It was refereed by DJCrystal, Quisqueya, and Taetaer. The two teams were Old ACP and Old Romans. Old ACP was headed by Ulysses Nardo (playing as Oagalthorp) and Guta (playing as Koolaidman7). Old Romans was headed by Smurf (playing as Link360) and Ray el Rey (playing as Lorenzo Bean).

It was very chaotic, but we had a lot of fun. We even reenacted moments of the battle such as Koolaidman7 getting captured and Oagalthorp having to save them. In the end though, like the Battle of the Igloo, Old Romans retreated, thus making it an Old ACP victory. Good work Romans!

Battle Of Stalingrad (1942) (Colorized)

Gates of Tartarus Open

Link360 Orders the Retreat

The battered Romans rest after their surrender.

After Party

Ulysses Nardo

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