Battle of the Igloo Reenactment

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Battle of the Igloo Reenactment

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

CPPS: Free Penguin

Server: UK, EN, Freeland

Primary Room: Ulysses’s Igloo

Meet-Up Room: Ski Hill

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Times: 8:45pm EST, 7:45pm CST, 6:45pm MST, 5:45pm PST, 1:00am UTC


Read the history here.

This event will take place in my igloo on Free Penguin. It will be based off of the 2006 battle, the Battle of the Igloo. The two teams will be Old Romans and Old ACP. Refer to the picture above. Within the dark blue box is neutral territory, and within the light blue box is where the referee moderates. The side with the red balloon is Old Romans territory, and within the red box is the jail of the Old Romans. The side with the clover balloon is Old ACP territory, and within the green box is the jail of the Old ACP.


  1. If you get hit by three snowballs by a member of the opposing team, you must go to the opposing team’s jail.
  2. In order to get out of the jail, one of your teammates must run over and tag you back in.
  3. If you enter enemy territory, it will only take two snowballs instead of three for you to be sent to their jail.
  4. Someone just getting released from jail will be immune to all snowballs for 10 seconds, however the person who released them will not.
  5. You are required to say !scale 50 before coming to my igloo.

Ulysses Nardo


20 Responses

  1. The DKE are over,as of my speech yesterday.I know the Romans won’t give a crap,but I’m saying it anyway.Me and Cobra decided to end it.Go ahead and celebrate,cause I’m done with armies in general.It wasn’t that much about fun since CPRewritten,but more about hatred.Not to mention,we were still small af,which didn’t help.I don’t know why I even tried,with the DKE and Romans telling me to give up on ending RPF,causing me much stress,and Cobra to be worried.To any remaining armies out there,Idc.This is user Clemont signing out.The war is done,and so am I.

  2. you use freepenguin, so yet you couldve easily replicated the igloo. Sad!

  3. I made it bigger and more swag

  4. No, you are using the most standard items from 2013 and called it a day.

  5. Stfu Games all you do is mock others for what they do =_=

  6. Clem did I ask for your opinion?

  7. Just because you didn’t ask doesn’t mean I can’t say it,retard. :/

  8. And did I ask for your dumbass to be here?

  9. <keeps saying they left cpra yet continues to act depressed on the comments of a cp army

  10. Keep distorting each others’ comments. It’s enjoyable to watch. You’re both very good at the straw man tactic.

  11. Let’s end it here,Games.I’m not having Smurf sit on his lazy ass watching this, cause he doesn’t have anything else to do with his life other than being a Roman.(And now I have to waste my time with this retard with a smurf as his profile pic.) Didn’t know distortion was fun to watch.Maybe because of how distorted your ass is. =_=

  12. Go ahead and call your “allies” or other Romans.Yeah,cause armies like the RPF,who bully their own members,(I’ve literally talked with one who was bullied just because of his spelling,and was sad af),calls people in other armies like the Tubas useless,and just took the fun out of armies in general.But yeah,it’s good to support people like that.Good work,Romans!

  13. My comment will be a meme by the time it get deleted,cause Romans sure do love to treat me like shit when it comes to being honest,or having a different opinion on RPF. 😛

  14. Your comment won’t be deleted any time soon. We never told you to have a different opinion, we told you to act a certain way. Expressing yourself like a complete Neanderthal will tarnish our relations with the RPF.

  15. Also,Me and Savage have noticed 3 major problems with the RPF,so keep your alliance with caution.1:They think everything they do is right/harmless,even if it hurts or annoys others,which could cause public uneasiness,which will also effect the Romans.2:The RPF could collapse due to it’s original leader,Elm.With the RPM still active,it will be a mess between RPF and Elm,and they will rely more and more on the Romans.3:I have recently talked with Chip,(someone with a high authority in that army),about the rude behavior of some of his own members,yet he does not believe what I said,and will not try to at least look into this situation.Instead,he talks about his view of the RPF,and ended the chat before I could finish.According to the you guys,I have based my hate on “a few members”.So if Chip won’t even try to fix a simple issue like this,problems like this could rise,and eventually cause a major betrayal for your alliance.I think I’ve commented enough here,even trying to warn you about how your “relations” with the RPF could fall flat,so bye for now.

  16. lol clem, your legit the biggest annoyance ever. Nobody cares that you left armies, suck it up lol

  17. Thanks for the response,Games. I’ve sucked it up for a while now.Also,Cobra and saRy have been begging me to join their own armies,Ameirya is somehow jealous of me,and Agent Rocky himself wanted to start his own army with me 2ic,Am I a annoyance because of my insults here?I’m haven’t threatened UMA,(which I barely know about),and if you don’t care about me leaving armies,why comment about it?I’m tried to end this earlier,yet you continue it yourself,Do you need info on something?

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