Immediate Halt To ALL Relations With The NVA


I must unfortunately make the announcement that we, as well as our allies, will no longer be affiliating with members of the DKE led New Viking Alliance in any way. We will not even continue our current war with them.


Their continued affiliation with Elmikey.

As stated in my response to Elm’s coup from the RPF, we will not be engaging with any group that supports his addiction to this community and the power he holds in it. We as a community need to work together to force him out of it, both for the good of the community, and for his own good. The NVA’s continued support of this addiction sickens me on a personal level.

I, with the rest of this army, want this war to continue. We’re having fun. However, we need to do the right thing.

Until Elm is removed from the NVA and all NVA armies, we won’t have anything to do with it or any of it’s members. We will ignore any further invasions, raids, or any actions taken against us. Roman soldiers are being ordered to not react to or engage with any NVA armies under threat of demotion. All NVA members will be banned from our server and prevented from joining our army.

I will also be redacting my acceptance of the illegal invasion of Blizzard. It was a gross violation of the 24 hour rule and wasn’t even scheduled. The only reason why I said I would accept it is to make the war more interesting. Now that we’re cutting all ties with the NVA, I am changing my mind. I will go back on this if Elm is removed from the NVA.

To the NVA, I truly hope you make the right choice. Not only do we both want this war, Elm needs to be pushed out of this community. Armies are the only thing stopping him from moving on, cleaning himself up, and getting a life. Supporting his addiction is objectively the morally wrong thing to do. Frankly, I can’t even wrap my head around why you would keep him around. He’s a single person, who is not only a washed up drug addict, but literally everything you hate about the RPF.

Please, make the right choice.

Emperor Dj
Semper Victorium, Roma Invictus

14 Responses

  1. nah fam
    we’re keepin blizzard you can’t retract now
    also this is a surrender LOL

  2. Shut up nearly all armies are a mess now tbh

  3. And I’m NVA

  4. Also,this isn’t fun anymore.The RPF are bad even if Elm left.This is just a crap-load of drama surrounding nearly all armies,and regular people have to see it. . .

  5. hey look i win

  6. Yeah but there’s no point now…Like I said before,Elm should’ve left the NVA,so we could actually fight,not be completely ignored by 2 major armies that already have many issues.So we won by doing close to nothing tbh.But idc now,I left the NVA along with everything else

  7. Bret, don’t BS. You’re better than this.

  8. Bret?

  9. Dude,the armies are dead.(On CPRewritten,at least.) There’s no point in dealing with drama or trying to change things ;-;

  10. hey look i still have blizzard lol

  11. You’re part of NVA?

  12. DM me, saRy#1774

    We must speak.

  13. oohma victory


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