Declaration of War on the URP

ICE BERG, Emperor’s Palace — Sound the drums of war.


Yesterday, per the approval of officer core and our executive branch, the Roman Empire have officially declared war on the United Republic of Penguins.

There are a number of reasons behind our declaration of war, including but not limited to:

  • Acts of treason while they were merged with us
  • Repeated (and continued) acts of espoinage against our army
  • Troop stealing
  • Pushing the made up RPF Illuminati conspiracy, which affects both our army and our ally, the RPF
  • Conspiring against us and our allies

We will be publishing an article on everything that the URP has done in the near future, with additional details and screenshots to back everything up.

We know that the members of the URP are involved with a number of armies and organizations. We call upon these armies/organizations to throw these URP soldiers out, should they not wish to defect from their army, and to join us in our crusade to remove this tumor of an army from our community.

Our soldiers are encourged to attack any URP soldiers on sight, and raid any of their scheduled/unscheduled events.

Emperor Dj
Semper Victorium, Roma Invictus

7 Responses

  1. Good luck and have fun

  2. Yknow whats great?
    DJ (you) said that you only let us bring back Romans to be a big FU to elm.

  3. hiiii

  4. I got banned from your Discord….Thanks! I’m done with armies in general now,and you guys sound afraid of the RPF,maybe cause of how big they are.Welp,bye bitches! :3

  5. >you guys sound afraid of the RPF

    What did he mean by this

  6. idk

  7. You try to act like the RPF are your “allies” but from what I’ve seen,you rarely talk about them tbh.You guys have rarely helped them,either.You should know what I meant by that.But hey,I left both armies so why would I care?

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