Prepare For War

Due to unforseen circumstances, this event has been cancelled.

ICE BERG, Emperor’s Palace — Sound the drums of war.


Approximately twenty four hours ago, the Rewritten island chain was occupied by a terrorist group led by the infamous Herbert P. Bear, who tops the PSA’s most wanted list for countless acts of terrorism while he resided on the Club Penguin island. Within hours, local defenses were overwhelmed, and the democratically elected government has been overthrown. Casualties, both civilian and military, were heavy, and millions of coins in damage was done to the island’s local infrastructure.

Shortly afterwards, occupational forces set up a “High Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser”, utilizing it to block out the Sun, and steal it’s energy to power their facilities. As a result, local temperatures have dropped significantly, and the islands have been overwhelmed by an unrelenting snowstorm.

The Roman Empire condemns the actions of these terrorists. All of our active and reserve forces are currently being mustered to launch an invasion to free the oppressed penguins of Rewritten. We are also building a multinational task force with our allies and any other armies who wish to participate in our invasion, as well as follow-up counter-insurgency operations.

Anyone who wishes to participate can contact the Roman leadership to coordinate with us. The OPORD for our initial push into the Rewritten island chain will be posted within the next forty-eight hours.

In the mean time, prepare yourselves.

Semper Invictus
Emperor Dj

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