The Case of the Missing Pookies

Today the Romans were supposed to have an event where they adopted pookies in order to recruit them into Romans. However, StubbornJedi observed the grim conditions in the Plaza, as if something bad happened. We agreed it would be a good idea if StubbornJedi went undercover as a crab in order to look around the Pet Shop and possibly deduce what was causing the upset. Read on to see what they found!


All the pookies were gone! We were surprised and curious about this, but decided to continue on with the event. We went to the Town to recruit some people.


Then, we moved onto the Snow Forts, and we solved the case of the missing pookies.


Pleased that we had cracked the case, we continued on with our event.

We were curious to see if Herbert was up to anything else, so we went to the cave to see what we could find. While we were there, we duked it out with some of Herbert’s minions.

Our opponents, who were no match for us, fled to the Town, so we followed them there. They were gone by the time we got there, so we decided it would be fun to vandalize the statue of Herbert.

Good work today guys!

 Ulysses Nardo

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