SPECIAL REPORT: “On the Rebel Penguin Illuminati”

This post is an editorial written by Twitchy. Though factual evidence is used for argumentative support, bias is to be expected.

ICE BERG, Roman Headquarters — The Rebel Penguin Illuminati is not real.

Despite the few short terms I served in Club Penguin Army Central, I’ve never really enjoyed writing news-type posts. I did take journalism classes throughout my years in high school, eventually graduating to the “editor-in-chief” (that being the highest position a student in the class could hold). But I feel the need to write this post because there’s a lot of information about a conspiracy theory that’s been developing over the months. At first, none of us saw it as a big deal and thought it was something that would just blow over after a few weeks. But it’s only grown since then, and I now feel the need to put an end to it.

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Twitchy. I joined Club Penguin armies in 2008. I joined RPF in 2013. I led RPF four times: the first time in 2015, again later that year, once in 2016, and once in 2017. I ended up getting RPF Icon and retired this July. I’ve overseen every generation of Romans since 2015 and I led the most recent one before this (in summer of 2016). I shut down the army on the 5th of December, 2016, declaring that no person could reopen the army without express permission from myself, Djgtjvgyxhgy, or Explorer7777 himself. I am now overseeing the current generation of Romans as Consul.

I know it sounds like I’m bragging, but all of this is meant to provide context for the information to come in this post.

When I took up my fourth leadership in RPF in 2017, I walked into some conditions I didn’t know about. The Rebel Penguin Federation had a monopoly over the army community, and Club Penguin Rewritten had some unsteady servers. Some people, organized under the alias of a man named Iaashadow, had produced screenshots of Silverburg admitting to RPF using bots on CPR’s servers and purposefully trying to crash CPR’s servers. The document containing all information was created on June 7, 2017, and can be found here. Viewers should use caution upon looking at the contents of this website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Paying attention to the second screenshot in this slideshow, I immediately noticed the Dojo background. There was a problem with this. These screenshots were collected and weren’t even published until June 7th. During that time, the Dojo Courtyard was in the Dojo Grand Reopening theme, and prior to that, it was in its Dig Out the Dojo theme. The Dojo Courtyard pictured used its normal theme, but at the time in CP Rewritten, the Dojo Courtyard never had that theme. Never. This meant only one thing: this picture had to have been taken on another CP Private Server.

Or, you could have drawn this conclusion:

*breathes in*

*breathes out*

The first thing I thought was that this was very clearly someone using a fake account on Discord. Then another picture was taken showing the full user tag, so I explained to the people who showed me this screenshot that you can use the Inspect Element tool on any browser on the web version of Discord to edit user information. That theory doesn’t hold to some people, and unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about that. But I had to draw some points from this screenshot:

  • The “Rebel Penguin Illuminati” would serve no purpose in RPF.
  • Who was able to get this screenshot? Who did Silverburg send it to?
  • Half of the people listed in that screenshot were fully retired at the time so my only assumption could be that whoever forged that screenshot had to not be very keen on the current operations of RPF; they had to have been an outsider.
  • Assuming this is real, given the point above Silverburg would have been sending this information to someone outside of RPF. Why would he do that?
  • In the second paragraph “Silverburg” claims that he’s emailed the person the social media service we use… why would he not send that entire message in the email instead? It seems much more plausible to do that.
  • What computer programmers does RPF have that can code a CPPS? Flappy is a Computer Science major and she is retired and has no time to code a CPPS. I am also a Computer Science major and I do not have time to code a CPPS either. This isn’t a thing.
  • How did Iaashadow just happen to stumble upon this CPPS of ours?
  • Isn’t it convenient that we now have a CPPS where the screenshot I prove was fake can now be assumed to have been taken on, and isn’t it even more convenient that we deleted the files?
  • Again with the email.

TL;DR: This is the biggest load of B.S. I’ve ever seen.

As I said before, I can’t truly convince anyone that this theory isn’t real. It’s impractical, but I can’t prove it that the Rebel Penguin Illuminati doesn’t exist.

This was a conflict of interest when I approached the leaders of URP offering them a merge. They found immediate distaste with me as being a suspected member of the Rebel Penguin Illuminati, and that distaste still exists. In fact, one of them recently gave me some new evidence for the existence of the Rebel Penguin Illuminati: a CPAC YouWrite post written by none other than Iaashadow himself, published on June 10, 2012.

Except there are a few problems with this.

The first problem is that this screenshot doesn’t show the entire article, only the headline, making it highly susceptible of being edited with Inspect Element.

The second problem with this screenshot is that the YouWrite column was not implemented into CPAC until July of 2012, while this post is published in June. Evidence for that claim can be found here.

The third problem is that posts in the YouWrite column weren’t prefixed with “YouWrite: ” until at least 2013. Evidence for that claim can be found here.

And now for the fourth, and most damning evidence.

The leader who presented this image to me did so using this claim: the post was put up, and then deleted after a few days of being up. But that didn’t quite add up because that screenshot uses CPAC’s Digg 3 Column theme, a theme that they wouldn’t adopt until 2013. That screenshot was from 2012.

This was the theme CPAC used in 2012.

Then I started thinking, maybe this leader just made a mistake. Maybe the post wasn’t deleted until much later. If that’s the case, and the post was still around after CPAC’s theme makeover, then it should be around using the theme it was posted during, right?


The post never existed in the first place, this screenshot was also faked using Inspect Element, similar to the screenshot of Silverburg’s Discord messages.

At this point, those who are involved in the publication of evidence of the Rebel Penguin Illuminati simply cannot be trusted. Their evidence always comes out to be implausible at best and proven to be fake at worst.

Some of the leaders of Romans suspect that I am still in the Rebel Penguin Illuminati and that my intent is to somehow sabotage Romans. Rest assured, I have no intentions of sabotaging the army. I have the authority to do whatever I want in this army, I have no need to sabotage it in order to get my way. I willingly decreased my own authority in this army by writing the Empire page, which outlines a way for the army’s commanders to remove me from power. If I really wanted to, I could change what’s written on the Empire page, but I choose not to wilfully because I care more about justice in this army than I do about power.

The only exclusion of my authority is the ability to overthrow Dj, and if I didn’t want him in the picture I wouldn’t have brought him back into it in the first place.

I have nothing against RPF. If I did, I wouldn’t have served under them since 2013, nor would I have led them four times. I have nothing against Romans. If I did, I wouldn’t have supervised every generation in existence since 2015 and I wouldn’t be here now. And I have nothing against the Rebel Penguin Illuminati, because it doesn’t exist.

— Twitchy543 —

— RPF Rebel Commander Emeritus —

— RPF Icon —

— Roman Consul —

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  2. […] to put an end to the theory that the Rebel Penguin Illuminati exists. You can find this post here. I recommend you read it first. I will be quoting parts of Twitchy’s post in order to respond […]

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