November furniture secrets 2017

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Hello fellow romans, a few days ago the furniture catalog came out! I’m a-bit late with the cheats, but if you need them here you go!


Before we start, there is a new custom furniture page in the beginning with carpets, couches, and drawers.

Now, for the first page..


The items on this page include…

  • Paw print (50 coins)
  • Security Camera (350 coins)
  • Construction Sign (145 coins)
  • HD TV (1000 coins)
  • Construction barrier (200 coins)

Next page..


The items on this page include..

  • Snow wall (350 coins)
  • Sloped Snow wall (120 coins)
  • Snow tower (220 coins)
  • Snow Arch (200 coins)
  • Snow Fortress wall (400 coins)

And for the final page..


The items on this page include..

  • Construction Pylon (70 coins)
  • Shiny Red Stove (650 coins)
  • Shiny Red Fridge (700 coins)
  • Fireplace (1200 coins)
  • Moose head (2000 coins)

That’s it for november’s furniture catalog!




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