How to get the Roman helmet [October 2017]

Hello, today i’ll be going over how to get the roman helmet. The roman helmet is a required essential to our uniform, so it is necessary to have.

Firstly, enter the gift shop, and then open up the penguin style.

Then, go to the page with the fairy and the pharaoh.

Click on the fairy’s pin on her dress.


Then, you should be greeted with this little pop-up! Remember, the helmet costs 800 coins so make sure to save up.


Well, that’s it for today!



3 Responses

  1. congrats

  2. Remember, this is only for October, I don’t have the power to see if the cheat will stay or not.

  3. Don’t forget we also have the Hiking Boots; and those are a necessary requirement to our signature uniform:

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