Want Action? Got it

Hello Romans,

As you now our legacy will most likely return and gain control of other empires! The Romans will also take part in many wars again and take part in the ‘CPPS Patrolling Division‘ which will be unleashed after return. There will also be upgrades on website-chatroom and administration taking over so stay in touch, hiring good soldiers!


3 Responses

  1. Change “Got It” to “GOT EMMMM!”

  2. You might not believe me when I say this but I’m Link 360, the second emperor of the original Romans! I’m all grown up now but I’m glad to see this is still going, keep it up!

  3. […] which will remain a memory of the community. On December 9th,  2015, a post entitled “Want Action? Got it” was released onto the Romans’ official […]

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