The Beginning of a New Era

Greetings Romans!

We are here to announce the beginning of a new era – a new generation of the legendary Romans of CP.

5th December 2014 – Don’t forget the date.

This generation of Romans would be led by Tax B and myself, Rishron. Tax would be mainly handling the US division and partly the AUSIA division where as I’ll be completely handling the AUSIA division as well as partly handling the UK division. We both will completely devote ourselves into rising this legendary army and we are determined to rise this army to great heights.

I need to give some statements regarding the previous “generation” of Romans, which was created by a kid named Moneytrees. He led it for like 2 days and then claimed to merge Romans into Light Troops. All of that is completely invalid. That generation was a completely invalid generation, and the main generation would be starting now onwards by me and Tax b.

Anyways, we would welcome any of the former Roman troops to rejoin the army and I would encourage all the owners to recruit/autotype as much as they can in these upcoming days so that we start this generation on Friday with a bang!

– Rishron ~ Romans Emperor


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