PSA: The Importance of Uniformity


My name is Djgtjvgyhxgy, better known as Dj. Some of you older veterans may know me, but for those of who are new, let me run you through a quick history lesson.

I am a Roman from the first generation, a leader of one of the very first Roman clans on IceBerg back in late 2006-early 2007 era. I fought the Vikings, PSA, and later the ACP and their allies beside Explorer7777. When he left and we crumbled, me and a few of my soldiers fled to Tundra, met up with a small Roman clan there, and then found ourselves in a brutal civil war with one of the clans on Mammoth. Eventually, the war ended and the Mammoth and Tundra Romans merged into what is now the modern Romans on June 11th, 2007.

But enough about me, let’s get onto the real reason for this post.



What is a uniform? A uniform is something we wear to look alike, or at least similar when a uniform isn’t widely available. Every army has one. Like every army, the Romans have an official uniform. Let’s take a look at these two uniforms, shall we?



Head: Miners Helmet (Roman Helmet if you have it)
Face: N/A
Neck: Hiking or Supply Backpack (red, black, and magician capes are optional)
Body: Red Football Jersey (other red sports jersey’s acceptable if you don’t have the red football jersey)
Hands: Red or Black Electric Guitar
Feet: Hiking Shoes
Color: Black


Head: Miners Helmet (Winged Helmet if you have it)
Face: N/A
Neck: Red Bandana
Body: N/A
Hands: N/A
Feet: N/A
Color: Red


Simple enough, right? These two uniforms all easily accessible to both members and non-members, made up of items currently out or items that are extremely common. In fact, the only items I know of that aren’t currently available are the hiking shoes and backpack, which, if you don’t need have them, aren’t particularly necessary to complete the look. There is also a big chance these two items will end up being available once more the next time a sports catalogue comes out, considering the fact they have been in the sports catalogue for years now.

Now, when it comes to armies, especially an Army like the Romans, it is important that everyone shares the same uniform and looks alike. An army with everyone in uniform looks more professional and clean than an army that isn’t. It also makes it easier for rogues to know how to dress, since it’d be fairly obvious if we’re all dressed a certain way, they should dress that way too.

In fact, the only people who should look slightly different from the rest are the Roman Emperor’s, so that way it’s easier for people who aren’t on the chat to know who to listen to.

Now, let’s take a quick peak at the past couple events.


Here’s a pic from the invasion of Ascent. I have marked the people who have the uniform correct in red, the people who are getting there in blue, and the people who are suffering from varying degrees of wrong have been left unmarked:


As you can see here, only two people were actually in the correct uniform. Congrats you two, you get a gold star.

There are six people who are kind of iffy for varying reasons. Most of them are wearing the uniform, but threw in their own accessories. If it’s not an approved uniform item, you shouldn’t be wearing it.

I also marked Spi as blue. Technically, he’s in a defunct Roman uniform. However, since he is the leader, he should be dressed slightly different to show this. Though he could really use a cape.

Then there are the unmarked people.

Two people were relatively close, but were both wearing unapproved items and not wearing the items they should have been wearing. The people I marked in blue were at least wearing the uniform items they should have been wearing.

One person was close to the uniform, but again wasn’t wearing the approved items. The red Mohawk isn’t a Roman or miners helmet.

These two, while they may be wrong, aren’t that far off from our uniform, and at least match the rest a bit. They should really be dressed in a different way, but it’s nothing to get angry about.

Then there are those four other people.

Two people aren’t even in the bloody uniform. Not a single item is that is approved for wear except for their penguin’s color. THIS is how you should not dress when you’re in an army, no MATTER what.

The last two are both wearing the Viking helmet.

“But Dj, what’s so wrong with the Viking Helmet?”

I’ll tell you what’s wrong, Jimmy! If you did just a little bit of research into the Romans past, you’d know that the Vikings are basically the Romans mortal enemy. We fought them from the day we came around. We kept fighting them till the rogue clans died off and the Romans became an official army. If there is ONE thing you don’t do in the Romans, it’s wear a Viking helmet. I CANNOT stress this enough. If I was still leader and I caught you wearing a Viking helmet, you’d get a stern chewing out, and likely banned and demoted/fired if I caught you doing that again. Don’t. Ever. Wear. The. Viking. Helmet.

Sadly, I’m merely an adviser with the authority of a Caesar now a days. It’s up to Cas or Spi to do that, or gave the ability to do it myself.

Now, let’s take a look at the invasion of Hibernate. Once again, I have marked the people who have the uniform correct in red, the people who are getting there in blue, and the people who are suffering from varying degrees of wrong have been left unmarked:


This time, the importance of being in proper uniform was heavily stressed. Around the beginning of the invasion, me, Spi, and a few other people spammed the chat telling people to get in the uniform.

As you can see, people listened, for the most part. A total of eight people had followed the uniform to the letter. The three people who were marked in blue were leaders (which, as previously stated, should look different for the sake of CP leading, and should really consider capes), and somebody I marked because he wasn’t in the uniform and was wearing only the camera item. However, this individual at least matched with the people who had it right.

However, there are people who were left unmarked.

Again, we’re seeing cases of people sort of following the uniform, but throwing their own stuff in. Again, it’s a uniform. Uniform meaning one-form. There isn’t exactly any way else to describe it better than that. We’re supposed to look one way, not your way. But these people at least matched a bit. Nothing to get pissy about.

We also have one guy dressed up like Caesar himself. Personally, I thought it was pretty legit. But, again, uniformity. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t call you out just because, well, it’s Roman related. Still pretty legit, though.

Then we have that one guy in the purple. He looks nothing like the rest besides the miners helmet. This isn’t acceptable.

Finally, there is the guy in orange. We’re not the Watex Warriors, we’re the Romans. We’re not orange, we’re red and black. When you look like you’re not even in the same army as us, you’re doing something SEVERELY wrong.


Quickly compare the two events to each other above. Don’t we look much more professional when we were matching more?

Remember, every time someone doesn’t dress in our uniform, he or she makes us look sloppy. Maybe in other armies looking professional isn’t an issue, but in the Romans, it is. As of now, it’s only heavily encouraged you wear the official uniform, and the most you might get is a stern talking to if you don’t match us at all. However, soon the uniform will likely become more strictly enforced. Even minor deviations could end you in hot water. I’ll likely be lobbying for this myself (again, gave up my authority to just do what I want willingly, so I kind of have to talk about it with leadership before I do something like that), so you might as well get used to not being able to dress like a member of the Watex Warriors or our mortal enemies, the Vikings.

That is all.

-Dj, Roman Chief Adviser and Founder

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